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Teach Your Kids The Meaning Of Responsibility With Kupp' #momsmeet


As a mom, teaching my daughters the idea of responsibility little by little is something that's important. I mean, being responsible is not the only thing I want them to learn from me but it's one of the important things they'll have to learn. They're only 3 and 6 years old but I think the earlier they grasp the concept, the better.

I've been recently sent the Kupp' and when I received it, I immediately fell in love with the cute colors of each Kupp'. Although it has a rubber sleeve, one thing I noticed and was a bit worried about was that the Kupp' is made of glass. My daughters have the habit of knocking their cups over or dropping their cups so I was worried that they might break these easily.

Before we dive in to my initial worry and full review,  I'd like to share with you about how the Kupp' was created.

The Kupp' was created by Katesplace founder Kate Oliver as a tool to help her young boys learn accountability and responsibility. She gave each of her children their very own glass in a different color and put them in charge of their cup and all of the responsibilities that came with it, including setting the table, washing, and putting it away. She quickly discovered that she had a cleaner kitchen and her family consumed less plastic. As a result, the Kupp' was born - a six-ounce glass with a colorful silicone sleeve designed just for kids.

And if you're interested to know some facts about The Kupp', I know I was, then I'd like to share them with you too.

- The Kupp' is a six-ounce glass outfitted with a colorful silicone sleeve. It's designed for kids ages 3-10.
- The firm grip and silicon sleeve helps to protect the glass from damage while providing a safe, toxic-free vessel to drink from.
- The Kupp' comes in four vibrant colors that represent the environment: blue for water, green for earth, orange for the sun, and red for warmth.
- The Kupp' is the perfect serving size for children, and allows them to become more conscious of waste and consumption.
- The Kupp' is made in the USA using imported glass, and all materials are sourced from environmentally-friendly manufacturers that adhere to EU and US standards.
- All glass is recyclable, certified lead and cadmium free and is made from a pure soda-lime formula. It is also dishwasher safe!
- The grip-friendly silicone sleeve is BPA/BPS free and made with medical and food grade silicon to prevent damage. The sleeve does not have to be removed when washing, which makes cleaning your Kupp' very simple.
- The adorable Kupp' is designed to resemble a smile so kids are naturally attracted to it!
- The retail price of the Kupp' is $16.99 each.

When I received the different colored Kupps' I was drawn to the colorful and vibrant colors of the sleeves. The sleeves are made out of silicone and fits snuggly on the cup itself. I tried to remove the sleeves but had a hard time so I'm glad that it doesn't need to be removed when washing. The cup itself is made of glass which as I've said before, made me a bit worried since my daughters are a bit careless about their plastic cups. My daughters picked 2 colors each and I told them that what they picked would be their personal Kupp. I also told them that their Kupp would be their responsibility which means, they would have to get it, put it on the table and after they use it, put it on the sink. I didn't instruct them to wash it since they're too young and can't even reach the sink. :)

I'd like to share my own observations while my daughters were using the Kupp'.

- The sleeves are made of high quality silicone and it helps the Kupp from sliding. The silicone sleeve acted like a rubber stopper on our table so they are less likely to topple over.
- My daughters are used to the Take and Toss cups (plastic kids' cups with a cover and a hole for a straw) so using a cup with no cover is a first for them. My 6 year old daughter didn't have any problems with The Kupp' and was excited to use a cup with no cover. She said she was becoming a grown-up already (I told her good job :)). My 3 year old daughter on the other hand was not ready to use the Kupp' yet. She tried to use the Kupp one time but said she wanted the cup with a cover instead. I think with time, my 3 year old will be ready to use it too.
-The silicone sleeves are very tight. Don't bother removing them because they fit snuggly on the Kupp. 
-While we're talking about the silicone sleeve, I do like that the Kupp is easy to wash even with the sleeves on. The silicone sleeve doesn't retain or have any smell even after A LOT of washes. It also hasn't loosen up yet which is great because I wouldn't like it if the glass cup slips and falls.
- The size of the Kupp is perfect for my daughters and the silicone handle fits just right on their hands.
-The glass doesn't break easily. One time, my 6 year old knocked her Kupp sideways (good thing there's no more juice inside!) and I was relieved that the glass didn't break. Maybe the silicone sleeve absorbed some of the shock but I was just glad that it doesn't break or chip easily.
- My 6 year old daughter now gets her own Kupp, set it on the table and then put it on the sink when she's done. She has formed a responsible habit of getting her own Kupp and I can't wait for her to help with the plates and spoons soon. My 3 year old on the other hand, usually copies her big sister but with the Kupp', she refuses to use it because of the cover issue.

The Kupp' is a wonderful product for my daughters and I think it's a great way to teach them about responsibility. As I've learned from my mom, you can't teach responsibility overnight. It takes time and, what better way to introduce my daughters about responsibility? Start from the little things like being accountable for daily things they do like getting a cup, a plate, their spoon and fork, playing with a toy and tidying them up after they use them.

If you'd like to connect with the Kupp, you can visit their social media sites: WEBSITE, TWITTER, PINTEREST and FACEBOOK.

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