Thursday, September 11, 2014

Snuggle Scent Boosters - Lavender Joy Review


Experience Snuggle Scent Boosters™ Lavender Joy! Our new concentrated pacs are an easy way to give your laundry a boost of long-lasting freshness.

Little Pac. Big Snifference™! Just toss one in at the start of the wash and enjoy the long-lasting boost! No mess, no spills! Scent pacs dissolve completely leaving behind nothing but a great boost to your senses.

Snuggle Scent Boosters™ can be used in HE machines and are great to use for all types of clothes, including activewear and sleepwear.
Snuggle Scent Booster™— Little Pac. Big Snifference™

One of the things I love when I do the laundry is when the clothes come out smelling nice. I love to experiment with different laundry products and was super excited when I was sent a 20-pack Snuggle Scent Boosters in Lavender Joy scent.

I currently use a different brand of in-wash laundry scent booster (the ones in crystal and/or pellet type) and this is actually the first time I'm trying a scent booster in individually wrapped pacs. I've used laundry detergent in single pods/packs before but as I've said, this is the first time I'm trying an in-wash scent booster in pacs.

When I received the Snuggle Scent Boosters in Lavender Joy scent, I first noticed the cute image of a bear and the nice and cute color of the packaging as well as the individual pacs. The light pink or light lavender color (I'm a bit torn between the two colors) of the pacs made me want to use it right away. I also whiffed the scent of the pacs, which by the way smelled really nice, even without opening it yet.

The directions are quite simple and easy.

PRODUCT DIRECTIONS: Add scent pacs directly into the washer drum, then add laundry on top. Never place scent pacs in the HE liquid dispenser or in the dryer. Keep container sealed between uses and store in a dry, cool and dark place. Dry hands before handling.

CAUTION: Do not get in eyes. Keep out of reach of children.

I tried the Snuggle Scent Booster on our towels first because they always seem to always have the musty scent. Instead of adding the pacs on the drum and then putting laundry on top, I actually do it the other way around because at times, I forget if I've already placed a laundry product and I have to dig into the clothes again to make sure.

I let the washing machine run and excitedly waited. When the cycle was finished, I opened the washing machine and smelled the towels. They have a faint, lavender scent which is nice because I don't smell the musty odor of the towels anymore. I then placed them in the dryer to dry.

After removing the towels from the dryer, I can still smell the faint scent of the Lavender Joy Snuggle Scent Boosters. I actually liked it if it did smell a little bit more. The next time I washed our towels, I placed 2 pacs and it did give me the right amount of scent I wanted.

I love that the Snuggle Scent Boosters come in individual pacs which makes them easier to use. I don't need to measure anything so it saves me a bit of time. I do have to use 2 pacs for my medium loads because I like our clothes and towels smelling really nice (the kind where I can catch the scent of my daughters' clothes when they run past me) but if you want clothes to just have a subtle, faint smell, then you only need 1 pac per small-medium load. I like that our clothes smell nice for quite a long time. Even if it's been a couple of days since I folded and stored our clothes, they still smell nice and fresh from the laundry when we wear them.

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