Sunday, September 22, 2013

2 for $0.99 Lindt White Chocolate Truffles at the 99 Cents Store! :)

I went to the $0.99 cents store today and look what I found!! Lindt White Chocolate Truffles! These were priced at 2 for $0.99! My 5 year old daughter loves this and at Target, the bigger bags with 12 pcs. are priced at $3.99. Each little bag (1.3 oz) has 3 pcs. of Lindt white chocolate truffles in it. So I can say this is a very good deal! :) No coupons needed. I bought 24 small bags and my daughter was really ecstatic when I showed it to her.

I found these at the checkout counters and there are a lot of boxes left. I didn't do any shelf clearing. :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Short Game Movie Trailer

I've always enjoyed watching movies about kids and their passion and drive to be the best in whatever they want to achieve. I mean who will not be amazed with these children? 

I've never tried golf in my life but just seeing the kids in The Short Game movie, I feel motivated to try it. At a young age, they show so much passion in playing golf and I saw their drive to be the best. I also felt their frustrations and their seriousness in playing golf.

Here is a trailer of The Short Game movie which will be released on September 20:

I've enjoyed the trailer and I can't wait to watch it with my family. :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lunchables Jr. Review

I received 2 Lunchables Jr. so that I can review it and my daughters were very happy when they saw the Lunchables Jr. on the table. They immediately got one each and were very excited to try it. Lunchables Jr. have 4 different packs and I got the Teddy Bear Picnic and the Blueberry Bonanza flavors.

It was very easy to open (they opened it on their own) and the portions was perfect for them. The one with the Peanut Butter was the Teddy Bear Picnic.
They also had fun decorating their food and then eating it. The apple bits were very soft and chewy. They liked the apple bits more than the blueberry flavored apple bits.
They loved dipping the honey bear grahams on the peanut butter too.

Overall, my daughters liked the Teddy Bear Picnic more than the Blueberry Bonanza. The portions are just right for their age and I liked that they had fun while eating.

** DISCLAIMER: I am a member of Crowdtap and I was sent 2 free samples of the Lunchables Jr. to facilitate my review. I am not required to do a blog post but since my daughter had fun eating them, I posted my own review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are honest and based on my own thoughts about the products.