Sweepstakes / IWG

Here is a list of Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games I enter. I will also list if I won something from the sweepstakes/ IWG. :)

IWG (Instant Win Games)


Nescafe Holiday Kitchen IWG and Sweepstakes - Won a Set of 3 Sieves - December 31, 2014 (Daily Entry)


Lunchables "Get Mixed Up" IWG - Won a $5 Amazon Gift Card - January 15, 2015 (Daily Entry)  

Quicken Loans Outdoor Gear Giveaway + IWG - December 31, 2014 (Daily Entry)
Budweiser Glassware IWG - December 31, 2014 (Daily Entry)
Candymania Pop & Play Sweepstakes + IWG - December 31, 2014 (Daily Entry)
Cottonelle "Take A Spin" IWG - December 31, 2014 (3x Daily Entry)
Starbucks Holiday IWG - January 5, 2015 (2x Daily Entry) REQUEST CODE HERE 
TailGate Pre-Game Shuffle IWG - January 10, 2015 (Daily Entry)
Kikkoman Juicy Bird Project IWG - February 28, 2015 (Daily Entry)
Keurig The Perfect Cup Sweepstakes + IWG - September 26, 2015 (Daily Entry)
Cooking Hawaiian Style IWG - November 1, 2015 (Daily Entry)


Bonne Maman Le Creuset Sweepstakes - December 31, 2014

Ended Sweepstakes/IWG to which I won something 

 Sunmaid: BoxTrolls Movie Ticket Giveaway - Won two tickets to see the Box Trolls! - November 15, 2014 (Daily Entry)

 Take Off With Biscoff IWG - Won a coupon for a FREE pack of Biscoff Cookies - September 30, 2014 (Daily Entry)

Challenge Butter IWG - Won a coupon for Mrs. Cubbison's Salad Toppers - September 5, 2014 (Daily Entry - 3 Spins a day)

Dunkin Donuts DD Rocks IWG - won a Rock Paper Limited Edition Digital Fine Art - September 1, 2014 (Daily Entry)

 Nabisco "Pass the Love" IWG - Won a Commemorative Soccer Ball on my first try! - July 31, 2014 (Daily Entry)

Have a Ball in 3D Sweepstakes - Won a Ball! May 25, 2014 (Once a Week entry)

 M&M's Share Your Favorites - Won my first Free Chocolate - April 27, 2014 (Daily Entry)

SeaPak Win On Wednesday - Won a Collapsible Measuring Cup - April 16, 2014 (Every Wednesday)

Libman Clean It Forward Giveaway - I won a free Sponge! 

Lunchables Instant Win Game - I won a Transformers Beast Hunter Voyager Class Figure (Ended)

  Dial for Men Body Wash Coupon - I won a free bottle of Dial Power Scrub Body Wash - March 26, 2014 (Ended) 

 Kroger and Affiliates IWG - Won a Reese's bar - April 6, 2014 (Daily Entry)


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