Monday, December 17, 2012

Review: Cosmo Voxbox from Influenster

I recently received my Cosmo Voxbox from Influenster and was happy to see the products inside. There were 2 Pilot Frixion pens, a Forever Red Exclusively at Bath & Body works, Gilette Venus Embrace razor, a Gilette Venus & Olay refill and a Ghirardelli Sea salt escape chocolate bar (not in picture because my daughters ate it).

The Forever Red Exclusively at Bath&Body Works wasn't for me. The scent is kind of floral and I remember the perfumes my grandmother used. It is a bit too strong for me and a bit matured.

The Pilot Frixion Pens writes nicely but not as vibrant as other pens/inks. What I like about it is that it has a fine point and I can erase it ifever I make a mistake.

The Ghirardelli Sea salt escape chocolate bar was heaven. At first, I was hesistant to taste it because of the flavor sea salt. I took the courage to taste it and was surprised of the nice sweet and a little bit of saltiness in it. I absolutely loved it so does my daughters who ate it all in the car.

I am a Gilette user so I was happy to see this. The cartridges are interchangeable and you can use any cartridge refill on any Gilette razor/system. I like that because I usually buy these when they're on sale so I don't have to worry if the other type/refill is on sale and the system I have is different from the refill.

I received the product samples I reviewed here from Influenster for testing purposes only. All opinions are my own.

Review: BIC Mark-It Permanent Markers

I was given the opportunity by Smiley360 to review the BIC Mark-IT markers. I was excited to join this mission because I love pens and I love doing art.

BIC Mark-It permanent markers have a rubber grip which helped from the accidental slipping of pens when I'm writing. They are also acid-free so I was relieved I didn't have to endure the acidic/alcoholic scent other markers have. The colors are bold and long lasting and the ink dried up in just a few seconds. It also came in a nice storage case and was neatly packed there. No more pens all over the place while I'm doing something. They also come in 36 colors (YES 36!) so I have a lot of colors to choose from.

Below is the snowman lightbulb I made using the BIC Mark-It Permanent markers to color the snowman.

I used darker colors here because the lighter colors wouldn't show on the light bulb. Even though this is glass, the ink dried up quickly in just a few seconds so I didn't have to worry about smudges.

I received a free sample of the BIC Mark-it Permanent markers and the materials used from Smiley360 and all reviews are my own.