Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy Chickens Means Happy Eggs from The Happy Egg Co. #GotItFree

Have you heard about The Happy Egg Co.? Well I've maybe seen a carton or two when I shop at our Kroger store but I'll be honest to why I didn't bother looking at it. It's a bit pricier than the eggs we usually buy BUT I've discovered the reason why.

The Happy Egg Co. lets their girls (that's how they call their hens and it's sweet :)) go outside EVERYDAY. Who would've known that Cage-Free is different from Free Range right? And well you know what Caged means so let me tell you more about the difference between the Cage-Free and the Free Range.

Cage-Free means that the hens aren't kept in a wire cage BUT they don't actually go outside and roam on land. They live inside a building their whole lives. Well, you'll think the hens' lives are better by not living in wired cages right? Yes, it might be better but the picture outside egg cartons which show the pastoral fields isn't actually true. Free Range on the other hand means the hens have access outdoors but sometimes, the term "access" means a teeny tiny little hole inside the a crowded barn that few hens will actually use it.

How about The girls from Happy Egg Co.? Well, they have acres and acres of green pasture, leafy trees  and wooden play structures and sand pits for bathing. The girls sleep inside their barn but every morning, their doors are opened so they can go in and out of their barn. Their barns by the way are lined with 6' openings on one entire side called "pop holes" and the hens enjoy 14 sq.ft. per bird. Their girls are fed organic feeds and never given any antibiotics or hormones.

I claimed the free coupon I received from BzzAgent as part of The Hapy Egg Co. BzzCampaign and as I've told you, The Happy Egg Co. is pricier than other eggs BUT I can understand because their girls are well loved. The yellow carton stood up from the rest of the eggs and I like the cute picture of the hen. :)

I'm not sure if I'm imagining it but the eggs inside look nice and happy. :)

Each carton has a description of what their farms are all about.

It also has a Nutrition Fact on the opposite side of the description.
The middle portion of the label inside shows a drawing of the girls on the field.

Since we love hard-boiled egg at home and my daughters wanted them, I immediately cooked some of the eggs from The Happy Co. :)

If you're thinking the eggs from The Happy Egg Co. tasted different, well they honestly don't. :) I do think that what The Happy Egg Co. does to care for their girls (hens) is a nice cause. I love how they take pride in making sure their hens are happy and content. For a family on a budget though, I don't think we can afford to buy eggs which is double the price of what we're buying. I think this is for those who have the means and aren't on a budget. :)

You can visit The Happy Egg Co. WEBSITE to learn more about their eggs and hens as well as find yummy recipes for eggs. :)

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