Saturday, November 1, 2014

Space Spinner Game From Educational Insights Review

Most educational toys of my daughters require batteries to work. I received the Space Spinners Game from Educational Insights and it's one of the few educational, fun and exciting game which doesn't need batteries to work.

The Space Spinners Game includes the following:

  • 4 Flying Saucer Spinner Ships
  • 1 Mother Ship
  • 24 Colored Balls
  • 4 Bases
  • Instructions
The rules and instructions are very easy to understand. To simplify it, the goal is to race to put all the player's fuel balls into the mother ship while using the flying saucer spinner ship to pick up the balls from the bases. There are only 3 rules for the game so my 3 and 6 year old daughter understood it easily.

My 6 year old daughter easily learned how to pick up the balls using the spinner ship but my 3 year old daughter had to practice in order to pick up the balls. It's understandable because this game is for children ages 6+ so I was glad my 3 year old learned how to pick up the balls with her spinner ship too.

The game is fast paced and although my 6 year old daughter always wins, my 3 year old daughter is always challenged to do her best to try to win. This game doesn't require batteries and it helps practice hand and eye coordination by using the spinner ship while keeping their eyes on the mother ship.

Both my daughters were amazed why the balls kept spinning and I told them it was because of "centrifugal force". They couldn't say it straight but I think they understood the idea.

The Space Spinner Game from Educational Insights is very fun and exciting and I like how my daughters loved playing with it.

You can purchase the Space Spinner Game on Amazon for $17.88 with free shipping if you have Prime.
You can also visit and connect with the Educational Insights' social media sites:

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