Sunday, June 1, 2014

Guest: KidzCanDesign Custom Bookmarks and Keychains Giveaway - 6/4 US

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This Father's Day, you can count on two things.
1. A day that you can spend however you'd like without guilt!—golfing, watching TV, bbqs & beer…you get the idea.
2. Your kid (or grandkid) will come home from school with a card and a stick figure drawing of a man that resembles you.
Don't toss it! Instead, create a keychain, dog tag or bookmark to remember it forever. Create a personalized gift that will be close to your heart forever!
dogtag dadbutterfly_bookmark
KidzCanDesign Custom Bookmarks and Keychains
KidzCanDesign, a company founded by an NY-based "dadpreneur", channels your child's creativity to create the perfect Father's Day gift. Take any artwork, photo or notes and KidzCanDesign will transform into hand-crafted custom sterling silver pieces. Give dad a reminder of your child's love with a special bookmark or key-chain! 
Dogtag hands and feetbutterfly_bookmark
I would love to thank KidzCanDesign for sponsoring this wonderful Father's Day Giveaway. One lucky reader will receive a promo code. Enter below and good luck!

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  1. I would like to have a dog tag with all of his grandkids' names written by them on it.

    (tute-bot = christine)