Wednesday, June 18, 2014

VoilaVe Organics 100% Argan Oil Review

Argan Oil has been one of the products I now use everyday specially for my wavy, dry and frizzy hair. I also use it on my hands, fingers and nails as well as on my elbows and knees which tend to get super dry. Sometimes, I use it as a substitute moisturizer for my face and around my nose specially if I need the extra hydration.

So why do I like Argan Oil? Here are some of the benefits of using Argan Oil:

-Strengthened, Vibrant Hair
-Stronger Roots
-Brilliant, Hydrated Skin
-Stronger Nails and Cuticles

VoilaVe has been nice enough to send me their VoilaVe Organics 100% Argan Oil to try in exchange for an honest review.

VoilaVe Organics' Argan Oil is imported from Morocco and bottled here in the USA. It is made from 100% Argania Spinosa (100 % Organic Argan Oil) and is produced using the highest standards in the industry; Cold pressed; Unrefined; All natural; Unscented.

The VoilaVe Organic Argan Oil includes a free instruction on how to access their  "8 Secrets to Younger Looking Skin" guide. It came in a 4 oz. bottle (bigger than other Argan Oil bottles I've tried) and a pump for dispensing the argan oil. I like their packaging because it came in a brown box and printed on the bottom of the box is the expiration date of the VoilaVe Organic Argan Oil I received. I like that it has an expiration date so I know that what I'm using is still okay to use.

The Voilave Argan Oil is colorless and unlike other argan oils I've tried, it has no scent. I don't particularly like the natural scent of argan oil because of the nutty smell and I'm glad the VoilaVe Organic Argan Oil is unscented.

I used 2 pumps of the argan oil on my hair and I like how it made my hair less frizzy in an instant. It also decreased the puffiness of my hair which is one of my problems with my hair. I make sure I don't use too much because if I do, my hair would look flat and greasy.

I also tried this on my hands, elbows and knees. I like how it easily absorbed and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. I used 2 pumps for my hands and 2 pumps each for my elbows and knees. It has this instant moisturizing effect which left my nails and cuticles looking healthier.

Lastly, I tried the VoilaVe Argan Oil on my face. I have an oily skin type and the first time I bravely tried argan oil on my face, I honestly thought my face would become oilier because argan oil is an oil. I only used a drop of the VoilaVe Argan Oil, rubbed it in my palms and gently patted it gently on my face. I like that it absorbs very quickly and didn't leave my face oily. It's also very light and didn't clog my pores either. I like that it instantly heals the dry spots on the sides of my nose and my chin.

Since I only need a few drops of the VoilaVe Argan Oil for my hair, hands, elbows, knees and face, I know that this 4 oz. bottle would last for a long time.

You can purchase the VoilaVe Argan Oil on AMAZON for $15.95. They have a 60-day money back guarantee. :)

DISCLAIMER: I have received one or more product/s mentioned above to try in exchange for an honest review. No other form of compensation was received. I only recommend products I think are worth sharing. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR Part 255.

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