Saturday, June 21, 2014

Private Selection - Tres Leches Mason Jar Desserts Review #GotItFree

When I was invited to be on a campaign for BzzAgent's Private Selection Mason Jar Desserts, I was super excited to try it because first, I love desserts. Second, I really love desserts. :)

When I got to Ralph's, I was disappointed though that they only have 1 flavor available (I was opting for something chocolatey or their Tiramisu flavor) and the best by date was the day before. I asked the girl at the cake department if there were other flavors available or a newer one available but curtly told me that what I see there is what they've got. This is actually the first time I experienced a person that's a bit rude at Ralph's because they're actually always pleasant and nice so I was a bit surprised. I didn't make the girl's rudeness an issue so I just got the only available Private Selections Mason Jar in Tres Leches flavor.

So when I got home, I showed the Private Selection - Tres Leches Mason Jar Dessert to my daughters and they said they wanted to try it.
The Tres Leches Private Selections Mason Jar tasted good but it's a bit too sweet for me. My daughters liked it though. I love the mason jar because it's thick and reusable. The serving size is a bit big for me but is just right when I shared it with my daughters, although they ate most of it. :)

I wouldn't buy the Tres Leches flavor next time because as I've said, it's a bit too sweet for me. I would however try their Tiramisu mason jar dessert if I see it available at Ralph's the next time I go there. :)

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  1. Sounds like the lack of selections and the rudeness of the lady who waited on you made this not the best of experiences. Hopefully if you go back things will be better and this was the unusual event. The dessert looks fabulous and I would of loved to give it a try myself. I love that it comes in a mason jar too.