Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Nancy B's Science Club Microscope From Educational Insights Review #educationalinsights

I have a B.S. in Medical Technology and currently a stay-at-home mom. I have 2 daughters age 3 and 6 and I specifically chose to review this microscope for my 6 year old daughter.

I can say I know a lot about microscope and how to use one because we had intensive lab hours when I was studying. We started studying plant cells to human cells to body fluids and different kinds of parasites and microorganisms. There were A LOT!

I want to introduce my daughters, my 6 year old specifically at this time, to the amazing things she can see under the microscope. I want her to learn how a small dot to the naked eye can be an insect or something else under the microscope.

The Educational Insights' Nancy B's Science Club Microscope is a great product to start young children and kids on the things they can see under a microscope.

The microscope itself is made of plastic and operates on 3xAAA batteries. This is a simple microscope and my 6 year old daughter learned how to focus the lens up to the 100x magnification. There are also 4 prepared slides with several specimens included which is nice.
There's a journal included for suggested activities and my daughter asked me to help her with the cheek cell experiment. I helped her focus the cheek cell specimen on the 400x magnification and she was super excited to see them. :)

This microscope is great for young kids because it works. It's very simple and easy to use and perfect for beginner scientist. The recommended age of the Nancy B's Microscope is for children ages 8 and up but my 6 year old daughter used it with no problem. :)


This microscope has 3 magnifications, 30x, 100x and 400x and has 2 light-settings. One light setting shines on top of the specimen, giving a top view of the specimen and the other light setting shines below the specimen (under the stage) to give a view of the specimen's structure.
The extra accessories were also very cute. There was a plastic scalpel, some vials and test tube, a stirring rod, pipette, petri dish, and tweezers. It really seemed like she was in a laboratory and she loved it. :)

I love the extra slides, cover slips and labels although the cover slips are just clear stickers, they actually work for this microscope. I helped my daughter get an aphid (a very tiny insect, looks like a dot) in our bell pepper leaves and we viewed this under the microscope. I showed her the top view of the insect and the view from below. She was creeped out at how that small, dot-like insect looked like under the microscope. LOL.

I love how the Nancy B's Science Club Microscope. It is far from a real microscope but this is great for a starter microscope specially younger children. I wouldn't have to worry about my daughter destroying expensive microscope lenses. The magnification works nice and I just wish there were more slides and cover slips available because my daughter wanted to view lots of different things. :)

You can purchase Nancy B's Science Club Microscope on Amazon for $24.65 with free shipping if you have Prime.
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  1. Its so cool that you looked at the aphid. Could you see the mouth/sucking parts?