Thursday, October 16, 2014

Introduce Preschoolers To Science With Geosafari Jr.'s My First Microscope #educationalinsights

I graduated in the Philippines with a B.S. in Medical Technology, and so did my mom and my sister. I might've mentioned this before in one of my previous posts and I'm sharing this again now because whenever I see and review toys related to science, specially one that is related to a laboratory, I can't help but become excited and giddy. Why? Maybe because I want my daughters to know and be aware of the beauty and wonder of science and maybe, just maybe, become a medical technnologist or clinical laboratory scientist in the future like me.

One of the things I mastered when I was studying? Operating the microscope. I knew every part of the microscope and I marvel at the different types of cells, parasites, sediments and other microorganisms from different kinds of body fluids we examine under the microscope. Of course I can go on and on and tell you about my college life BUT I have to stick to why I'm writing this post.

So after the long introduction, can you guess why I opened up about my college days.

Well, if you guessed that my post is about a microscope, then you're right! Just that, my review would be a microscope for young kids.
I've mentioned above that I want my daughters to be aware of the beauty and wonder of science. I have 2 daughters, ages 3 and 6,and I see that they're interested in a lot of things. I was so happy when Educational Insights contacted me to review the GeoSafari Jr.'s My First Microscope because I can introduce a simple and basic microscope for my daughters.
GeoSafari Jr.'s My First Microscope is made out of plastic. It has a magnification of up to 8x and has two extra-large eyepieces. The focusing knob is chunky and easy to use. The sample tray is large and can hold flat and 3D objects. No need for slides! There's also a LED light for enhanced viewing of small details. This toy needs 3xAAA batteries for the LED light which is not included.
When I got the microscope out, I was amazed by how cute it is. My daughters couldn't wait to try it out.
Check out my daughters' how-to use the GeoSafari Jr.'s My First Microscope video. They'd love it if you click the thumbs up or leave a comment on their video. :)

So after trying out the GeoSafari Jr.'s My First Microscope, here are my thoughts:

- Super simple to operate and meant for younger kids. I think this is for kids 5 and under because of its simplicity. :)
- The rubbery knob makes it easier for young kids to grasp and turn.
- The 2 extra-large viewing eyepieces are great for those little eyes. My 3 year old daughter didn't have a hard time peeking through the eyepieces.
- The stage light helps to brighten the stage and to see the specimen (toys, flowers, coins, etc.) better if it's a bit dark.
- The stage light doesn't have an automatic off button. I do prefer toys to have an automatic shut-off feature because my daughters almost always forgets to turn their electronic toys off. On the brighter side, they can learn how to be responsible in turning off the light in their My First Microscope.
- The stage is big enough to accomodate small and big specimens, again I'm referring to toys, flowers, crayons, etc. Don't expect to fit a book or a playhouse on the stage! LOL. Bigger things means a whole flower, a Barbie doll, a cookie or the likes. :)
- The microscope is made out of plastic and is light enough to be carried around by my 3 year old. It's perfect to bring on the go because it only comes in 1 piece.

Did I see something I don't like with the GeoSafari Jr.'s My First Microscope?

I actually like it because it's a great educational toy which introduces early science. I just wish the stage light has an automatic shut-off function because my daughters don't really remember turning their toys off.

You can purchase the My First Microscope by GeoSafari Jr. on Amazon for $18.80 with free shipping if you have Prime.

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