Monday, October 20, 2014

Learn and Tell Jokes and Riddles With The Riddle Show #educationalinsights


One day, my 6 year old daughter came home from school and has been telling jokes and riddles which doesn't make sense. LOL. I have a great feeling she heard jokes and riddles at school and tried to invent her own. :) When I received The Riddle Show from Educational Insights, I had a feeling she'd love it. :)

The Riddle Show from Educational Insights is an electronic microscope with 145+ riddles, jokes and tongue twisters. It has a working microphone to amplify the voice, music and sound effects, light effects and a 2-setting volume.

You can watch the video above of my 2 daughters showing how The Riddle Show is used.

Here are my thoughts about The Riddle Show:

- There are 4 buttons on The Riddle Show. My daughters, who are 3 and 6, knew what the buttons are for after I told them what they're for. The buttons are as follows:

  •  Riddle Button - has a question mark image. When pressed, it tells a riddle.
  • Joke Button - has a smiley face image. When pressed, it tells a joke and at random times, a tongue twister.
  • Answer Button - has the letter A. When pressed, it tells the answer to the riddle or joke.
  • Repeat Button - has 2 arrows forming a circle image. When pressed, it repeats the riddle or the joke.
- It has a 2-volume setting. I love electronic toys with a volume setting because sometimes,the volume just gets too loud. With the 2-volume setting, I can adjust the volume of the microphone. Oh and there's an off button too.
- The riddles are quite easy to understand. My 6 year old daughter can answer almost all the riddles. My 3 year old daughter however, doesn't understand it yet. She loves guessing though so that's nice. :)
- The jokes are age-appropriate and funny. They make me laugh too. Both my daughters can't answer the jokes yet but they laugh when they hear the answer.
- The microphone works! My daughters love to sing so if they're not listening to jokes and riddles, they use it TO SING. LOL. It's loud enough to magnify their voices and they love it! To activate the microphone, one of the 4 buttons should be pressed.
- The microphone produces a feedback if it's too near an object. Similar to a normal microphone, we did hear that painful "screech" when my daughters place it face down on the floor, sofa or any object. It also sometimes get a feedback when it's placed too near the mouth.
- The flashing lights is nice. I love the flashing lights because it adds up to the effect of pretending to be a show host.
- The batteries are already included! The Riddle Show uses 3xAAA batteries and it's already included. :)
- The Riddle Show enhances critical thinking because my daughters need to think about the answer to the riddle or joke.
- Listening skills and comprehension is also taught. They listen intently to the riddle or joke so that they can answer it.

I like The Riddle Show because it's easy to use and very fun and entertaining for young kids. It teaches them early critical thinking and listening skills as well as build their confidence to face an audience.

You can purchase The Riddle Show on Amazon for $17.79 with free shipping if you have Prime.
You can also visit and connect with the Educational Insights' social media sites:

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  1. Just wondering if it can be updated with a new set of jokes once all of the one that it comes with have been heard?

  2. This is cute. I have not seen it before now. Something my grand kids would like.