Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shandali's Suede Hot Yoga Towel in Pink Review

I've recently reviewed a nice yoga mat and it's a great product BUT when I get too sweaty, it makes the mat a bit slippery. The Shandali's Suede Hot Yoga Towel came at the right time because I got to use it a few days after using just the yoga mat alone.

Before we get on to my review, here's a short product description of Shandali's Suede Hot Yoga Towel.

  • GET FIT AND STRONG: Yoga improves your muscle tone and fitness when you practice regularly. With a slip-free foundation you will have more confidence and more stability, naturally supporting you as you achieve harder postures and more advanced techniques. By improve your yoga practice and confidence, you will get in better and better shape.
  • PERFECT YOUR POSTURES: Using a yoga towel helps to create a solid, stable and slip-free foundation to practice on. Without the risk of slipping, you can stay focused and advance more quickly in your asana practice. It takes a consistent foundation that you trust for the most productive development in yoga.
  • KEEP HYGIENIC AND HEALTHY: Increase your confidence when using the studio's in-house mats by putting a hygienic layer between you and the mat. Bring your own clean yoga towel, place on top of the studio mat, and remove your worries about whose sweat and germs you'll be practicing in. No need to carry your heavy yoga mat from home that hurts your shoulders; just take your towel. It's lightweight, easy, personal, and fits nicely into your bag.
  • LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD WITH 488% LESS WEIGHT: Carrying your yoga mat to-and-from the studio can be a hassle. It's heavy, big, clunky, and doesn't easily fit inside your handbag. By getting in the habit of bringing your own personal yoga towel to class and using the studio's yoga mats, you can reduce your carrying weight by almost 500%. Stay light, quick, and care-free.
  • SAVE YOURSELF MONEY EACH YEAR: Using a yoga towel will double the life-span of your yoga mat, saving you at least $50 each year if you buy good yoga mats every 2 years. Plus, if you get in the habit of using the yoga studio's mats and just brining your towel, you'll increase the lifetime of your yoga mat even longer!

This is the first time I've owned a yoga towel so I honestly am not familiar with different types of yoga towel. Above, you'll see 6 reasons why a Suede towel is better than a Lisse towel.
The Suede Hot Yoga Towel by Shandali is available in 2 colors, gray and pink. Wanna guess what color I picked? Hint: One of my 2 favorite colors! LOL. Well you don't have to since I already posted a picture above. :)

As I've already said, I received the hot yoga towel by Shandali in the mail, a few days after I started to use my yoga mat. Since I found out that too much sweat makes the yoga mat a bit slippery, I used to Shandali's Suede Hot Yoga Towel as soon as I got it, or as soon as I've washed it for that matter. :)

The Suede Hot Yoga Towel by Shandali is 26.5" wide x 72" long and is very soft. I've used it a couple of times already and loved it. Here are my opinions about the towel:

  1.  It's really soft and smooth.
  2.  I love the color! :)
  3.  It's very absorbent. My levels of sweat differs with every workout. There are workouts wherein I don't really sweat and there are some where I sweat. A LOT. So, I'm glad that the Shandali's Suede Hot Yoga Towel absorbs sweat therefore minimizing me slipping.
  4. It is a bit slippery every first use but as I sweat and the suede yoga towel gets more damp, it gets less slippery and grips the yoga mat better.
  5.  It's still the same as the first time I got it even though I've washed it for a couple of times already.
  6. The color didn't bleed out and is still as vibrant as before.
  7. It's very easy to wash. I just toss it in our washing machine and then hang it to dry.
I really like the Shandali's Suede Hot Yoga Towel because it's made of quality materials and love how durable it is. It's a nice product to try specially if you sweat a lot.

You can purchase the Shandali Suede Hot Yoga Towel on Amazon for $29.99 with free shipping if you have Prime.

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