Monday, March 17, 2014

Exsanguinate - World of Blood Series - Book One Review

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Exsanguinate Synopsis:

They can’t touch you. What could possibly go wrong at Orlando’s beloved Global Studios Halloween Scream Nights theme park? Cheyenne O’Cuinn’s task is to study fear even though she is the biggest chicken on the planet. In order to carve out a slice of the billion dollar scare industry for her online role-play company, she researches what causes people to run screaming out of haunted attractions.

Determined to face her own fear of Oldhouseophobia, Cheyenne confronts her bloodcurdling obsession - the dreaded haunted house. Her worst nightmare manifested, Cheyenne is brutally attacked and left for dead by a rogue vampire. Splattered across the front page of the Orlando Sentinel, Cheyenne discovers her sisters are missing while she recovers in the hospital.

The ransom call from the kidnapper sets into motion the rabbit hole of a parallel supernatural reality she invades to rescue her family. In a race against the hourglass, Cheyenne confronts a double-agent vampire, a cyberchondriac werewolf, and a mafioso dragon. Can they be trusted to help her, or are they a part of the twisted scheme?

With her sister’s lives on the line, Cheyenne has no choice but to beat the kidnappers at their own game and ensnare them with her own brand of deception.  

About the Author: (From Amazon)

Winner of the 2012 Wicked Women Writer Award, Killion Slade is a married writing team who met in Second Life and virtually enjoys everything. Members of the Horror Writers Association and the Paranormal Romance Guild, they story board their characters inside Second Life as their avatars unfold their stories. Killion's Debut Novel, Exsanguinate, is slated to publish on December 9, 2013. Exsanguinate is a paranormal urban fantasy thriller series, where a gaming software developer navigates wicked clues inside her own online role playing game to rescue her kidnapped sisters before they become breeders for a dhampir army. Killion's published short stories can be found in Sirens Call, The Danse Macabre, Cynic Magazine, Bewildering Stories, Midwest Literary Magazine, and in the anthologies Bite from the Heart, Death Sparkles, Roms, Bombs,and Zoms from Evil Girlfriend Media and the upcoming anthology, The Ghoul Saloon from Static Movement. Killion was honored as a finalist for their "Robbie the Ghoulie" short story at In the Snake Magazine. 

My thoughts:
I was excited to read the Exsanguinate - World of Blood Series because of 2 reasons. First is because I was a fan of online gaming. I started playing an online RPG (role playing game) text-based game called Achaea when I was in highschool and then RAN online, an MMORPG type of game, when I was in college. Second is because I am a fan of urban fantasy books, specially those about vampires and werewolves.
Because I used to play online RPG games, I was able to relate to the characters in Exsanguinate. I was influenced by my friends to play Achaea (this is the name of the text-based online RPG) when I was in highschool and I can say that I can relate to the feeling of being so immersed in my character that sometimes, I feel like we're one.  I just wish that I can also try their super advanced technology gaming simulation. :P

Exsanguinate - World of Blood - Book One by Killion Slade made me want to read more. As an avid reader of novels and books about supernatural beings, specially vampires and werewolves, I can say this book is more unique and more interesting than other similar books I've read. I love the character development of Cheyenne, the female protagonist. I also love that there are other new supernatural beings included in the story like dragons. The story doesn't revolve around Cheyenne only, but to the other characters as well.

I am a fast reader so I read this book in 1 sitting. I can't seem to put it down once I started reading it so I just finished it throughout the night. :P Each chapter is shorter compared to other books I've read but it's well paced. I like that in some chapters, other characters in the book are highlighted. Reading Exsanguinate brought me fear (just a little bit, I promise :)), fantasy, romance, action and humor.

I am disappointed though because I was left hanging and craving for the next part of the Exsanguinate series. I can't wait to read the next book in the series on what will happen to Cheyenne, her sisters and her friends.

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  1. Love/hate relationship with cliffhangers. I know that feeling because of the Jasper Dent trilogy by Barry Lyga. Currently waiting for the release of the last book. :(
    I can hardly wait.

    1. Is that a good book? What's it about? :)

  2. The photo cover had me right away,would love to read this book

    1. Me too. Love the cover of the book as well. :) It's very captivating. :)