Friday, December 19, 2014

Prepare And Winterize Your Nails Tips From Julep

Winter is here and because of the cooler weather, I take extra time to take care of my hands and nails because they get drier than usual. Since I'm a stay-at-home mom and I wash our dishes at least twice a day, I rarely paint my nails BUT I make sure to keep them healthy by following these tips from Julep's Winterize Your Nails.

I usually keep my nails short because I do housework at home. During the winter months, I always have to keep them short and clean because I noticed that my nails tend to chip and break more easily during the winter months. I also cut my nails when they're dry, not wet or when I'm just took a shower, because that makes me sure not to over-cut my nails. Over-cutting my nails makes the tip of my fingers painful for a few days.
I make sure I use a nice hand cream often throughout the day specially after washing the dishes. Using a nice hand cream makes my hand, cuticles and nails healthier and moisturized.
I don't usually push my cuticles back but Julep has some wonderful tips on how to clean up your cuticles. I paint my nails once in a while, specially if there's a special occasion, and I love experimenting with colors and glitters and sparkly stuff.

Julep's cuticle tips help me clean up my cuticles and prep my nails before applying nail polish. I'd like to share Julep's "How To Winterize Your Nails" tips below.
You can visit Julep's color swatch and see the trending winter colors below.
 What do you do to keep your nails healthy specially during the winter months?

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