Friday, July 24, 2015

Illuminated Portable Handheld Magnifying Glass By Fancii Review

When I received the illuminated portable handheld magnifying glass by Fancii, I looked forward to show this to my daughters because they can view insects up close. Aside from that, I looked forward to using this if I needed to magnify small labels, small prints and other things at home.

Here is a quick product description from the company:

3 Professional Quality Magnifying Glass Options, 1 Convenient Set

A magnifying glass can come in handy when you are reading the fine prints in a book, doing close-up work with your favorite hobbies and craft or completing tasks where precision matters. With 3 different levels of magnification at your disposal, the set is a true must have for people with low vision, hobbyists, and professionals.

The Versatile Set for Your Home, Workshop or Travel Bag

Portable and tough enough to take with you wherever you go, this set is the only magnifying solution you need. Use it to make out small text on those pesky pill bottles. Reach for it when you are performing medical care at home like removing splinters. The durable construction of our lenses and sturdy handle means even kids can use it safely for science experiments.

Illuminate While You Magnify

This beautiful magnifier comes equipped with two powerful, energy-efficient LED lights built into the handle, which provide ample light for whatever you are viewing through the glass. The LED lights run on three AAA batteries, providing hours of continuous use.

3 Progressively Stronger Magnification

A Large 3.5-Inch (90mm) lens with 2.5X magnification, a 3-Inch lens with 5X magnification, and a 1.5-Inch lens with 16X magnification (1.6 times more powerful than 10X).

The Illuminated Portable Handheld Magnifying Glass by Fancii included 3 different sizes of round lenses with different magnification. The lenses are interchangeable which for me, makes this set nice. The lenses included are:

- 3.5" lens diameter - 2.5x magnification
- 2.9" lens diameter - 5x magnification
- 1.5" lens diameter - 16x magnification
 The lenses are made of glass so it delivers a super clear magnified view of the object.
 The lenses can be removed by pressing the two buttons located on either side of the handle. This is a nice safety feature so that the removable lens wouldn't accidentally slip off during use.
There are also 2 LED lights on the top of the handle which is powered by 3 x AAA batteries.
The 2 LED lights are effective in illuminating the object/word/anything that I'm trying to magnify. This is helpful when it's dimmer or when the object needs a bit more light.
The Illuminated Portable Handheld Magnifying Glass by Fancii helped my daughters see smaller insects up close. The handle has a rubber strip on both sides which helped in keeping the magnifying glass from accidentally slipping from my grip.

I also like that there are 3 interchangeable lens included in this set. Instead of having 3 different magnifying glass with different handles, I can just interchange the lenses included depending on what magnification I need.

These lenses show a super high quality and clear magnification of the object without any blurs. I like that this is made very well and that the look and feel of the magnifying glass is really nice. There is no case included for this set which I think should be included to protect the lenses of the magnifying glass. Aside from that, this is a really nice set of magnifying glass.

You can purchase the Illuminated Portable Handheld Magnifying Glass HERE.

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  1. The Illuminated Portable Handheld Magnifying Glass by Fanci sounds like what I need to help me see. I find that I have a very hard time lately with seeing anything small even with my reading glasses. I bet this would be super to have.
    twinkle at optonline dot net