Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cycle Torch USB Rechargeable 500 Lumens Bike Light Review

Every time I receive something related to biking, hubby would be excited to try it. I do have my own bike but he is the one who commutes daily to and from work using his bike. He's also the one who has a biking session every Wednesday with his biking buddies after work so it would be dark already once they finish their bike route.

When I received the Cycle Torch USB Rechargeable Bike Light, I showed it to hubby and although he already has a bigger, rechargeable bike light, his smaller bike light (he has 2 on his bike) uses batteries. So, he was excited that this bike light, and the tail light included, were rechargeable.

The Cycle Torch USB Rechargeable Bike Light came in a nice box. Inside were the following:
- 1 x 500 Lumens Rechargeable Bike Light
- 1 x rechargeable tail light
- 1 x rubber strip
- 2 x USB charging cables
The Cycle Torch USB Rechargeable Bike Light has a single button to turn the light on/off as well as to cycle through the light modes. The button has a blue color when there is enough battery life for the bike light to function and turns red when the battery is getting low. When charging, this is also colored red during active charging.
The Cycle Torch's light is different than hubby's current secondary bike light because instead of having a light which is concentrated on a spot, the Cycle Torch has a wide, flat light which illuminates more ground. There are 4 light options here: high, medium, low and strobing. Each mode can be accessed by pressing the button simultaneously. To turn the bike light on/off, the button should be pressed for about 2 seconds.
The Cycle Torch can be charged by plugging the micro-USB cable included in the port under the bike light. Charging time takes around 8 hours and active charging shows a red-colored button.
The tail light is also rechargeable, which is cool. The USB port can be found by twisting the light off the base. Charging time was about an hour. The tail light has 3 light modes: steady, flashing and a double flashing mode.

The Cycle Torch 500 Lumens Bike Light is unique because I can easily check the battery life of the bike light by pressing and holding the single button. 1 flash is equivalent to a 10% battery life. I like this option because hubby is aware of how much battery life is left on the bike light so that this wouldn't drain out while he's out biking.

This is a nice set of bike light and tail light and for its price, this is a great deal.

You can purchase the Cycle Torch Bike Light HERE.

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