Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mobile Esprit Pink Light Up Lightning To USB Cable Charger Review

My daughters use my iPad more than I use it. They use it to read ebooks, watch on YouTube and play apps. So, they already know how to plug the lightning connector to the iPad mini. I don't let them plug the adapter on the electrical socket for safety purposes but they do know how to plug the lightning connector to the iPad mini.

When I plugged the Mobile Esprit Pink Light Up Lightning to USB cable, they were awed with the pretty light up charging cable. The lights change color and the connector lighted up from the USB connector to the cord to the lightning connector.

The lighted charging cable is pretty helpful when it's dark because I don't need to turn on the lights anymore to see where the charging cable is. It's pretty visible and bright and I like that without turning on the lights, I can plug the lightning connector on the iPad mini. It's effective in charging the iPad mini because it doesn't display any error messages.

Aside from being pretty, this measures 1 meter, the usual length of charging cables, and the cord has a clear, rubbery feel. The cord is thicker compared to the original iPad mini charger I have and is a bit heavier. I do like it because it feels durable and less prone to damage on the connectors since the cable is thicker.

So far, this is a nice light up lightning to USB cable charger and is very pretty.

You can purchase the Mobile Esprit Pink Light Up Lightning to USB Cable Charger HERE.

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