Monday, January 26, 2015

Triple-Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels From Nutrigold Review

I eat fish at least once a week but I still take an Omega-3 Supplement to meet the daily recommended dose for Omega-3. I've been taking an Omega-3 Supplement daily for a few months now and I know there are lots of Omega-3 Supplement brands out in the market. What I failed to notice was the amount of Omega-3 each softgel contains differ from every brand. I used to just look at the price of the supplement and the cheaper it is, the better worth of my money. WRONG.

I recently received the 180 ct. NutriGold Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold to try and, comparing it to my current Omega-3 supplement, I noticed that in just 1 softgel, the amount of Omega-3 is almost the same as 2 softgels of my current Omega-3 supplement brand.
Nutrigold has a list of all the features of their Omega-3 Gold. I must say it's pretty impressive.
This is what I was saying. I need to take 2 softgels of my current Omega-3 Supplement to get the amount of Omega-3 in just 1 soft gel of the Nutrigold's Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold. Why would I want to take 2 BIG softgels of Omega-3 supplements when I can just take 1 BIG softgel of NutriGold's Omega-3 and get the same amount of Omega-3. Right?
The Omega-3 Fish Oil from Nutrigold are BIG, similar to my current omega-3 supplement, but for me, it's easier to swallow compared to an oblong tablet or a round pill.
The Omega-3 Gold by Nutrigold is available in 2 sizes: The 180 count (which is the one I received) and a 360 count. One 180-ct. bottle would last me 3 months since I only take 1 softgel every morning.

The Omega-3 Gold by Nutrigold doesn't leave me with any fish burps or fishy aftertaste. It is coated with a sweet taste which is nice. The softgel might be overwhelming because it's big but, it's actually easy to swallow.

I like how I get the recommended daily dose of Omega-3 by taking in just 1 softgel every morning instead of taking 2. Taking this supplement didn't cause me any stomach discomfort or side effects.

*NOTE: Before taking any supplements, if you're taking any medication, have any allergies, questions on taking a new supplement or have any medical condition, please consult your health care provider first.

You can learn more about NutriGold's Triple Strength Omega-3 Gold HERE

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