Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Silicone Ice Ball Tray Maker By i2 Gear Review

We can't drink any drink without ice. I probably got this from my mom because she can't drink any drink without ice too. I have a couple of ice cube trays at home to ensure that we have sufficient ice to use throughout the day and our demand for ice is greater during the warmer months. I have a different ice ball mold at home but it makes a bigger ice ball making it hard to fit in my daughters' sippy cups.

I received the Silicone Ice Ball Mold Maker by i2 Gear to try and I couldn't wait to try making ice balls in it.

The i2 Gear's Silicone Ice Ball Mold Maker is made of BPA free silicone. It came in a white box and has a black color. There is a blue mold available too.

The tray can make 4 ice balls at a time.
How does the i2 Gear's Silicone Ice Ball Mold Maker work? Here's a step by step instruction:

-Place the mold in sink and fill mold with distilled water to the top rim. Tap water will work but could bubble and create a cloudy ice ball.
-Press down on the top mold and release any excess water between the top and bottom molds.
-Place mold on a flat surface in the freezer.
-Once frozen, remove the top mold and place on the counter upside down.
-Flip the bottom mold over the top mold and separate the edges until the ice releases into the top mold slots. Note: The mold should separate from the ice very easily.

Filling the silicone with filtered water was easy. I covered the mold with its cover on the sink because excess water from the tray leaked out while I was putting the cover on. There is also a grooved part on both sides of the tray so that I can cover it the right way. The tray and the cover seals nicely but the problem is the excess water which came out of the 4 small holes. When I tilt the tray, water from inside the mold comes out of the 4 small holes so I couldn't remove the excess water which formed at the top of the mold. I didn't mind the excess water on top of the mold since I wouldn't use it anyway. :)
After about 2 hours, the ice balls were ready. I flipped the mold upside down (the part with holes is now on the bottom part) and removed the tray. I was expecting to have a bit of difficulty in separating the mold from the cover but found out how easy it was to separate them. There were a thin layer of ice which formed in between the 4 ice balls but they were easy to crack. The molds were stretchy and bendy but didn't tear or deform even if I pushed the mold to get the ice balls out.
Since I used filtered water, the ice balls looked a bit cloudy. Using a distilled water would solve the cloudy appearance but since I'm just using the ice balls at home, I didn't have a problem with them being cloudy. :)

The ice balls melted slower and lasted longer than the regular ice cubes we use. It didn't make our drinks watery and yet it kept it icy cold. I like how these ice balls also fit my daughters' cups because they can use it too.

This is a nice ice ball maker and I like how it doesn't take up much space in our freezer. I can make batches of ice balls and just put them in a separate tray so that I can have a "stock" of ice balls in the freezer.

The silicone ice ball maker is durable because I've made ice balls using this a dozen of times already and it still looks like it's new.

You can purchase the Silicone Ice Ball Mold Maker by i2 Gear HERE with free shipping if you are a Prime member.

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  1. I saw this on TV. It is real cool.

  2. (Silicone Ice Ball Tray Maker By i2 Gear Review) This would be really nice for the older lady I take care of. She has such a hard time getting ice out of the ice trays that she has right now-