Friday, April 3, 2015

SafeTGloves Silicone Oven And Grilling Gloves Review + Giveaway 4/18 US

I've had several episodes where I accidentally burned my hands using a cloth oven mitt in the past. Whether it's because of an unavoidable extended period of time holding a tray or because of the cloth mitt absorbing the sauce/oil of something I baked/broiled, it has happened to me.

When I discovered silicone oven and grilling gloves, I was super surprised of how this worked better than cloth mitts in terms of protecting my hands.

The SafeTGloves came in a pair so that means I can use both my hands to hold the hot tray from the oven for added security.
Here are some produce features from the company:
  • safe and resistant up to 425 Degrees Farenheit
  • made of Premium Food Grade Silicone Cooking and Grilling glove
  • BPA FREE AND FDA APPROVED food safe, non-porous and stain-proof silicone
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • dishwasher safe
I let my sister use the SafeTGloves for the photos below. :)
The SafeTGloves Silicone Oven and Grilling gloves arrived in a bright, neon orange color which is really cute and pretty. It has small embossed hearts which help in maintaining my grip on trays and pans. I find it harder to use oven mitts with just the thumb and a single hole for the fingers so I love that the SafeTGloves has a 5-finger glove design to make it easier for my fingers to move separately.
The SafeTGloves are also waterproof so I don't have to worry about  hot sauces and oil seeping through. Therefore, I didn't experience any burns from sauces and oils which is great.

Holding hot trays for an extended period of time is also possible when I use the SafeTGloves because the heat from the hot tray doesn't fully seep through the silicone gloves.

Although the SafeTGloves SiliconeOven and Grilling Gloves is a bit big for my hands (I have unusually small hands), I can still use it comfortably. It fits hubby's hands too so it's nice that the gloves fit both our hands.

This is dishwasher safe but I prefer to wash it by hands. I like how durable this is and how the gloves doesn't melt even if I remove fresh-from-the-oven hot trays.

I also like using this to open hard-to-open jars and bottles because the SafeTGloves provides a stronger grip on the jars and bottles' cover making it easier to open them.

Visit SafeTGloves on Facebook and Twitter. You can also purchase it HERE.

Would you like to win a pair of SafeTGloves Silicone Oven and Grilling Gloves? Well, yay!! Just head on over to the rafflecopter form below to enter. Good Luck! :)

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  1. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Wow! I'll use this product.

  2. i would use these because i like the glove and mitt options over plain potholders

  3. There are a lot of things I like about the SafeTGloves Silicone Oven and Grilling Gloves but my favorite feature it the gloves are very heat resistant which makes them the safe choice for everyone in the family. It always seem like something is cooking and having these gloves available for everyone makes me feel better knowing my family will not get burned. I also love that they are waterproof so we can’t get hurt if something spills on the gloves.

  4. These look a lot better than grabbing a towel and worrying about burns and dampness.

  5. I forgot to say everybody associated with my oven and stove would use this, plus I would take it to reheat offsite at friend's and family's homes.

  6. Being that I always manage to still get too hot hands with the flimsy things we use now these would definitely get used everyday!! Love that they are waterproof;)

  7. I like that they are waterproof - I would keep this for myself.

  8. I would use this. I love that I can just wipe them clean/ put them in the dishwasher, they look a lot less bulky than bbq gloves normally are.

  9. I love that they are dishwasher safe. I would keep these & use them for myself!

  10. I will use this since I recently burned myself in my convection oven. I like that they are easy to use and clean.
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