Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Montana Gallagher Trilogy Ebook By MK McClintock Review

Escape to the old west with three classic novels of family, adventure, and love from the Montana Gallagher collection.
One man could not destroy them. Another could not tear them apart. They fought for their family, their love, and their legacy . . . and they survived.

She was a on a quest of discovery. He was on a quest for revenge. Together they would discover a second chance. Brenna Cameron travels from Scotland after losing someone she loves in search of family she didn't know existed. Alone now in the world, Brenna makes an arduous journey, following the trail of discovery to Briarwood, Montana. Here she meets Ethan Gallagher, and the rest of the Gallagher clan. Only with their help is she able to discover lost family, heal old wounds and embark on a treacherous confrontation with a man who destroyed her family.

She sought a new beginning. He sought what he didn't know was missing. Together they would discover hope in unlikely places. Isabelle Rousseau must escape New Orleans and the memory of her family's tragic loss. With her younger brother in tow, she accepts a position as the new schoolteacher in Briarwood, Montana. Desperate to keep what's left of her family together, Isabelle joins her life with a stranger only to discover that trust and hope go hand in hand.

He finally had a family to call his own. She now knew what it meant to risk it all. Together they had a chance to find peace at last. Eliza Gallagher is tough, resilient, and rides a horse like she was born in the saddle. All necessary qualities for someone who runs a cattle ranch. She had more to avenge than any of them and she was counting on those skills to finally find the justice they all sought -- until she realized it could cost her everything and everyone she loved. Ramsey Hunter finally knew what it was to have a family and what it took to keep that family together. He knew coming back wouldn't be easy, but he never imagined what he would have to risk to keep it. Eliza got him home; now Ramsey has to do whatever it takes to save her life and help bring peace to Hawk's Peak.


Dearest Reader,

The Montana Gallaghers are dear to me, and if I were to choose a place in time to live, it would be with them in the nineteenth-century. I first moved to a small mountain town in Montana over fifteen years ago. Before that, I lived on a small twenty-acre ranch in Colorado. I grew up with horses, going so far as to walk around on all fours with them in the pasture, and then riding bareback while playing cowboys and Indians with my siblings. The Gallaghers' stories stem from a lifetime of love for life in the mountains and on the open plains.

Of course, one can't actually know what it would have been like to live during the 1800's, but we can rely on research and the experts to guide us by providing valuable information, answering questions, and checking our facts. Sometimes the history falls short of expectations. Facts we know to be right today may have been different back then; from the way people spoke to what they called everyday items. For every hour spent writing, an author is likely spending at least two on research. I write historical fiction because it transports me to another time and place, allowing me to imagine and live a way of life that no longer exists.

A reader's time is valuable, and with so many books from which to choose, I want to thank each of you for giving my stories a chance because I love to share them with you.



Ever since I was in high school, I've loved reading romance novels. I definitely inherited my mom's love for reading novels. I am a fast reader and can finish one entire 300+ page novels in one sitting when I was younger. Now that I have my own family, reading an entire novel takes longer because I only squeeze it during my free times. That is, if I start reading it at night and found the book interesting. That's what happened with the Montana Gallagher Trilogy. As soon as I read the first chapter, I couldn't seem to put the book down.

I love trilogies and novels which has a separate story for each family member. I've read a lot of these genre of novels and I love that the story continues with each family member. The Montana Gallagher Trilogy is about the 3 Gallagher siblings who found love in unusual and at the same time romantic circumstances. My favorite among the three would have to be Gallagher's Pride, which is the story of Ethan Gallagher and Brenna Cameron. The other 2 are well written as well and each book brought me to laughter, tears and sometimes fear of what will happen to the protagonists. Of course, each book is filled with romance which left me with that feel-good, tingling feeling. I am a romantic at heart so I appreciate the first-attraction/love-at-first-sight feel of these books.

The Montana Gallagher Trilogy is a must read for those who love Historical Romance/Historical Western Romance with a bit of suspense because I definitely loved it. Each book was very well written that I was transported back in time. The characters are very easy to love and I like how unique the story is in each book in the trilogy.

You can purchase the Montana Gallagher Trilogy Book HERE with free shipping if you are a Prime member.

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