Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Set Of 24 Silicone Baking Cups From Home-Complete Review

My daughters love cupcakes and muffins so I often bake at home. Before, I always use paper liners for our cupcakes and muffins but ever since I used silicone baking cups, I never went back to paper liners.

I have several brands of silicone baking cups and I only look for one thing in them. They have to be non-stick because I don't like pre-greasing liners. All the rest of the features of the silicone muffin liners are a plus for me. :)

I recently received a set of 24 Silicone Baking Cups from Home-Complete and what first caught my attention was that this comes in a set of 24. That means, I can bake larger batches of muffins or cupcakes and the price is just $11.99 for a set of 24.

The Silicone Baking Cups from Home-Complete also came in 6 different neon-colors. The cups are very vibrant and I love how colorful they were. Each silicone liner has a diameter of 2.75 inches and a height of 1.37 inches. That's approximately the size of a regular cupcake/muffin.

Similar to my other silicone baking cups, these are a bit floppy by itself and flexible BUT they hold cupcake batter and cooked cupcakes very well.
These silicone liners can be used in the oven and in the freezer. I love how our apple cinnamon cupcake turned out because the sides and the bottom didn't have a burnt color.

Here are the things I loved about the Home-Complete Silicone Baking Cups:
- Comes in a set of 24 so I can bake larger batches of muffins/cupcakes.
- The colors are very vibrant and cute.
- Love the non-stick feature even if I don't pre-grease the liners. Cupcakes/muffins come off with just a slight push from the bottom of the liner.
- I love that I can reuse them over and over again. They're durable and the non-stick feature didn't fade even after using it a couple of times already.
- Easy to clean because there's minimal cupcake residue on the liners. Just a few minutes of soaking removes the cupcake residue and easily comes off once I run it under running water. These are dishwasher safe but I prefer washing our kitchen utensils by hand. :)
- I love how versatile these liners are because I can use them to serve nuts, small snacks and use a Jell-o mold.
- I love how I save from buying paper liners because I can just reuse these. I also help keep the environment cleaner, even if it seems just a bit.

If you love baking and haven't tried silicone baking cups yet, I highly suggest trying them out. :) Home-Complete offers a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee with a full refund if you're not satisfied with their muffin liners. Check out their liners HERE with free shipping if you are a Prime member.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a sample for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I tried personally and believe will be good for my readers. No other form of compensation was received. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."


  1. I have never used Silicone Baking Cups before, but these do look so pretty. I like that they are easy to clean.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

    1. They are really pretty Maryann! And, for me, they're more practical to use than paper liners. :) My daughters love them too because they're cute to look at.

  2. I really love the bright colors! And I agree, silicone baking cups are super easy to use and I like that they can be reused again too. The set of 24 is awesome, I've never seen a set that large, usually I see sets of 6 or 12.

    1. This is the first time I got a set of 24 too so it's nice because I can bake more cupcakes for a party. :) They are bright and pretty too!

  3. How difficult are they to clean? What do you use and how much effort does it? Also how durable are they?