Monday, February 23, 2015


You might've noticed that I haven't posted anything since Satruday.. Well, here's what happened..

Last Saturday, as I turned on our desktop PC, something weird happened to the desktop PC I use for blogging. It just started with the HP logo turning on AND THEN.. it got stuck in the "loading" phase where the circle thingy were circling round and round. THEN.. the Blue Screen came with the random code 0xC0000blah blah blah. I'm like, WHAT.. THE.. ****?!?! And then the fear and realization came of the PC not being able to start up again..


I waited for hubby to come home to see if he CAN FIX THIS! And I desperately prayed that he could.. BUT.. it came down to he saying about how the hard drive has crashed (WHAT?!) and I was bartering pleading on how he can try to save all the photos and videos.. And it came to the point of the PC not working anymore not unless he reformatted it.. So...

The waves of despair and panic came to me..

All our family photos this past year are gone...

All my daughters' videos this past year are gone..

All our files are gone..

All the photos I'm supposed to post in my blog, which by the way I'm way behind since I'm clueless on how I can post my product reviews WITHOUT photos, are gone..

I know, it's my fault for not having any back-up.. And hubby sure pointed that out to me.. BUT, I didn't realize the hard drive would crash easily, not since our desktop PC is just less than a year old.

I'm now currently searching for ways to recover lost data from hard disk crashes and I REALLY hope I can recover all the photos and videos.. If not all, our family photos and videos would be really nice..

Since I have deadlines for my product reviews, this is a notice and an apology to some products I've tried which the photos/videos were affected..

For the future product review posts I'm going to post the next few days, or weeks, if there is no actual photo/video, then, I'm afraid the missing photos are part of the result of the hard drive crash.. I will try my VERY BEST to take photos again of products I can still reuse again. If not, I'll post a disclaimer or note.

I'm so very sorry.. It's my fault and this is a lesson that I will never forget..



  1. Computer problems get me so nervous. I have had a few computers crash also and what a mess to figure it out. Good luck.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

    1. It caught me by surprise because our desktop PC didn't show any hint of the hard drive crashing.. I'm still hopeful I'll retrieve all the files.. Thanks Maryann!

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear this! Mine did the same thing to me last September, just when I started doing technical writing for a freelance job I was doing for awhile. And mine was a HP that I had forever, and yep, no back up! So.... I feel your pain. I hope you can retrieve your things. Good luck!

    1. Our desktop is also an HP but it's just less than a year old so I was quite disappointed because for me, it's still fairly new. I am glad I found a program, which I had to pay for of course, which retrieved some of my files and photos although there are files (photos, videos and documents) which are corrupted already so lots of missing photos here.. Thanks Georgette!

    2. Oh good, so you were able to retrieve some of these things...good to know. Yeah, that's weird since it was only a year old....! Mine was about 7 years old, so not as surprising, but of course when I got a good writing gig is when it goes. Glad you got some of your files and photos back.

    3. Yes I did! The program's name is EaseUS and it was super worth it to use! Those family photos and videos are priceless so I'm glad I was able to retrieve most of them! It was super weird what's more weird is that it didn't even give any warning (like slowing down, error messages or anything). It just crashed so I've learned my lesson this time. Oh a 7-year old PC is old.. Hope you resolved your problem before too!

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