Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Anti-Snore Nose Clip From Rami Naturals Review

Does snoring run in the family? I believe it does because my late grandfather and mom snore. Hubby is a light sleeper and says I sometimes snore (let's keep that a secret), which I beg to disagree and deny, but hey, why would he lie about it? At the back of my mind, I do hope he is lying about it and just teasing me.

Rami Naturals sent me an anti-snore clip and honestly, I haven't used anything similar to this in the past. Since I'm in denial mode, I didn't see the need to purchase one.
The Rami Naturals Anti-Snore Nose Clip has the following features:
• Promotes better breathing
• Aids in reducing and stopping snoring
• Helps reduce dry mouth
• Drug Free
• Reusable
• Stores easily in a clear travel case

The anti-snore nose clip came with a hard plastic case so that I can easily store it.
The anti-snore nose clip is soft, has a bit of a rubbery texture and it has 2 magnets on each side of the round part. It's a bit small so the hard plastic carrying case is a big help to keep the nose clip from getting lost.
The first time I tried it, the anti-snore nose clip felt a bit weird and uncomfortable. Honestly, it took me over a week to get used to the pressing feeling inside my nose. It wasn't painful, but more of the tingling, pushing sensation on my septum.

Also, the first week I used it, I would find the anti-snore nose clip on the floor. Maybe I unintentionally remove it while sleeping or maybe it slips off by itself when I toss and turn in the bed.

After the first week or so of using it, the slight uncomfortable and weird feeling was gone maybe because I've adapted to the anti-snore clip. Hubby was the first one who noticed how my snores have lessened and if I do snore, it's not as loud as before.

So how did the anti-snore nose clip work?

The U-shaped clip works by applying pressure on the septum trigeminal nerve. Now, since I didn't go to med school, I can't dive into a septum trigeminal nerve explanation.

Snoring might run in the family but with the anti-snore clip from Rami Naturals, it has helped me get a better night's sleep as well as limit and lessen the frequency of my snores. The nose-clip is reusable and safe to use so I'm happy with it.

You can purchase the Rami Naturals Anti-Snore Nose Clip HERE with free shipping if you are a Prime member.

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  2. so by any chance do you have any instructions for this? i have a brand new one but no instructions at all

    1. Hi BoogieMan,

      There were no instructions included in my anti-snore nose clip too and I figured to use it on my own. I opened the part with the 2 small magnets and then "clipped" it in my nostril. (Look at my photo above). The U-shaped part should be visible and in between the outer septum. :) Hope this helped!

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