Saturday, May 16, 2015

Hair Symphony Detangling Brush Set Review

Whenever I call my daughters to comb their hair, they would often run away from me. Why? Because no matter how gentle I comb their hair, they would often complain that it hurts. I use a kids' hair detangler on their hair and it helps but I prefer to find something which would make combing their hair easier with less pain.

When I received the Hair Symphony Detangling Brush Set, I looked forward to trying it because it came in a set of two different brushes: A detangling brush and a paddle brush. It also came in a carrying pouch which can either be used to carry the 2 brushes or to use it as a pouch for something else like make-up.
The black paddle brush is wide which makes it more easier for me to brush my hair since it covers a wider surface hair area. In just a few strokes, I've brushed my hair already. The bristles are smooth and doesn't cause any pain or scraping feel on my scalp. The handle is also long which makes it more comfortable to grip and hold the brush. It's also light so even my daughters can use it by themselves.
The red detangling brush is my daughters' preferred brush. The bristles are different compared to a regular brush/comb in a way that they have shorter, different length bristles which feels like a thin strips of silicone.

The red detangling brush is actually very impressive because it minimizes the pain of combing through tangled hair. My daughters are proof to that because they don't complain when I brush their hair anymore. They also prefer this over our other combs and wouldn't let me use another comb aside from this.

The handle is a bit shorter but it's still comfortable to hold and use. It's lighter and I love how kid-friendly this brush is.

You can purchase the Hair Symphony Detangling Brush Set HERE.

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  1. I'll have to recommend this to my sister. Her hair's all the way down her back and she's complained of dealing with tangles her entire life. Thanks for the review!

  2. We could use this set. My Mom complains about tangles & my niece has tangles, too. I cut my hair short to stop dealing with tangles, lol.

  3. I really could use this Detangling Brush. My daughter and I always have tangles after our shower and we use conditioner too.
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