Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chefcoo Cutting Board Set Plus Non-stick Knives Set Review

One of the things that are important to me in the kitchen is a set of nice, sharp knives and a chopping board. Why? Because I regularly cook from scratch and that means cutting the meat and vegetables are one of the food prep I regularly do at home. I have several knives at home and a few have been with me for years. Yes, they've become a bit dull than when I first got them so I was super excited when I was sent the Chefcoo Cutting Board Set plus 3 non-stick knives.

The Chefcoo Cutting Board Set plus 3 non-stick knives came in a red box. The first thing I notices was the knives because they're so colorful and pretty. This is actually the first time I've had colored knives so I am so excited.

The knives include a red colored Cutlery Chef's knife, a yellow Utility knife and a blue Pairing knife. Here is a quick product description from the company:

The cutting board that is made out of 100% food grade plastic features non-slip thermal plastic rubber edges to keep the board steady when cutting food items. It is stylish and possesses many other high-end characteristics. The chopping board is heat, odor and mold resistant. It will not crack or warp, no matter how long you use. Cleaning requires a minimum amount of your energy; all you have to do is, place this cutting board in the dishwasher! Storing after usage is not a problem any more; the Chefcoo chopping board can be hung, stored vertically or horizontally in a meager amount of space.

The included Chefcoo knife set is an ergonomically designed product. Apart from the bright beautiful color range, it features a non-stick razor sharp blade and a textured handle for a superior grip. The knife set includes Cutlery Chef's, Utility, and Paring Cooking Knives for your convenience. Frequent sharpening is not required at all.

✔ Textured Surface Helps Grip Food For Comfortable Use.
✔ Non Slip Thermal Plastic Rubber Edges Keeps The Board Securely In Place.
✔ Dishwasher Safe - Odor Resistant - Heat Resistant - Will Not Crack Or Warp.
✔ Soft Tapered Handle For Comfortable Lifting And Carrying.
✔ Includes Stylish Stainless-steal Chef's, Utility, Paring Knives .

I was super excited to try the Chefcoo knives that I washed it as soon as I received it. The knives are very sharp and I like how easy they are to hold. The handles of each knife has a rubber-like feel which makes the knives less prone to accidentally slipping while I'm using it.
The knives are also easy to wash and until now, haven't retained the scent of any of the meat/vegetables I've cut.
I love these knives because they make preparing food and ingredients easier.

The cutting board measures approximately 12 x 8 inches and does a great job in staying in place because of the red rubber on its sides. There is also a hole on one side of the cutting board so that it can be hung on hooks. The cutting board has neither stained nor retained the scent of the meat and vegetables I've cut here as well.

This is a very nice set of knives and cutting board and I love how they're really sharp AND pretty. Until today, they're still as sharp as when I got them and the colors on the knives are still in tact.

You can purchase the Chefcoo Cutting Board Set Plus Non-Stick Knives HERE.

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