Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dr. Cool's Ultimate Volcano Science Kit Review

I've tried 2 other Dr. Cool Kits in the past and what I love about these is that they're fun to do AND they're very educational. The other 2 kits I received before are different from the recent one I received in the sense that the previous were dig kits and the latter is a volcano kit. As soon as my daughters saw the Dr. Cool's Ultimate Volcano Science Kit, they were so excited to do it. The package contained the following:
- Volcano Mold
- plaster
- paints
- brush
- eruption powder
- 3 real specimens (pumice, obsidian arrowhead, and a geode)
- Full-Color Info and Activity guides
What I love about the Dr. Cool's Ultimate Volcano Kit, and all their other kits for that matter, is that it contains real specimens. My daughters loved the Pumice, Obsidian Arrowhead and Geode.
I mixed the plaster by following the directions properly BUT I was surprised at how quick it dried up. By the time I mixed it well and placed it on the mold, it was starting to dry up already so...
After placing it on the mold, we let it stand for 45 minutes.
After 45 minutes, we removed the plastic mold and it didn't look smooth like the one in the photo. Maybe it was because of the plaster starting to dry out before I got to pour it in the mold.
Here is the volcano in its upright position.
Since it would take 1 to 2 days to let it dry by itself under the sunlight, I chose the second option which is to place it in the oven for 2 hours at 200 Degrees Farenheit.
Since it was already late when the oven step was done, my daughters painted the volcano the next day. They used the paint and the paintbrush included in the kit.
Next, I helped them mix the eruption powder (citric acid and sodium bicarbonate) in a cup.
They prepared the water needed to make the erpuption powder erupt. :)
I placed a teaspoon of the mixed eruption powder on the top of the volcano and then they alternately poured a bit of water on the powder.
The eruption powder mixed with water bubbled, sizzled and flowed out of the volcano we made. My daughters were so full of "ooohhs" and "aaahhhs" and were amazed.
My daughters didn't stop until we finished the entire eruption powder.
I took a video of the Dr. Cool's Ultimate Volcano Science Kit while it's "erupting".

The Dr. Cool's Ultimate Volcano Science Kit is a fun and educational way to teach young children about volcanoes and how they erupt. I had a bit of a hard time with molding the volcano but the end result was still great because my daughters still witnessed how the eruption powder erupted.

There are also tips on how to make the eruption bigger but we didn't do that anymore because we might mess up the house.

I like the short "Adventure Guide" booklet which briefly explains facts about volcanoes. There's also an "Activity Booklet" which has some fun activities like dot-to-dots, crossword puzzles, etc.

I love how my daughters were able to have fun watching the volcano erupt as well as learn facts about volcanoes. This would be a perfect summer activity for kids. :)

You can visit the Dr. Cool's Website HERE to learn more about their wonderful and educational kits. Use the code TOMOSON10 to get 10% off on all products on the Dr. Cool Website. Valid all month of May! :)

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  1. This looks like a really fun summer activity. Keep the educating going during the break from school. I like that it comes with the adventure guide booklet.

  2. This looks like fun. My nephews would definitely get a kick out of it. Of course, they would go for the biggest eruption possibly, lol, so maybe I would put them outside.

  3. I love your video, so much fun!

    My grandchildren would like this.