Friday, June 22, 2012

Mail alert! :)

I got kind of busy this past week so I wasn't able to post the samples I received in the mail for the past days. At least I took their photos so I can upload them here! :) Okay for June 18, 2012 hre are the samples I received in the mail:

I got my Dove go fresh deodorant from Costco, my U by Kotex tampons sample, Tully's K-cups and a pair of earrings from Sneaqpeek. :)

Last June 19, 2012, I got my sample of Tide Pods from Vocalpoint and A Sebamed sample with a coupon.

I also received the Bath and Body works lotion, body cream and cologne for me and my mom. I paid $29.xx here including the tax and I got free shipping. Each lotion was just $3 each and the body cram and the cologne were $4 each. Now that's a great deal! :)

Yesterday, I got my BIC Soleil Savvy sample and coupons from BzzAgent, 3 Target beauty bags (for my mom, me and my hubby), my Ovaltine sample, Jiffy recipe book and a $1.50 off coupon for Charmin toilet paper. Even my daughters love it when I receive free samples in the mail. They love opening them. :)

Today, I didn't receive any samples in the mail. But considering I got free samples for 3 consecutive days (Sunday of course wasn't counted), I am happy! :)

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