Monday, June 18, 2012

June 14 CVS trip $3.11 for 2 Stayfree pads, munchkin dora cup, glade freshener!

This is my most recent CVS trip last June 14, 2012. I paid $3.11 + tax for all these. Total savings was $20.35. Here is the breakdown.

The 2 Stayfree ultra thin pads (28 ct) are on sale for $1.74 each. I found 2 peelies from them for $1 off any stayfree product. I also used a $2 off coupon any 2 pads from the CVS magic coupon machine. So i got them for free! :)

Next is the Munchkin Dora cup with straw which is on clearance sale. The price was $3.64 and I used a coupon I printed off the internet for $1 off any Munchkin cup so that makes the final price $2.64.

Finally, I have a thing for air fresheners so I bought another Glade spray freshener for $0.99. :)

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