Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BIC(R) Soleil(R) Savvy Razor BzzAgent Campaign

Anybody tired of having unwanted hair in their body? I sure am. I have been using razors since I wanted to remove unwanted hair because (1) I haven't tried waxing (it seems painful from the looks on movies and TV shows. Now who would agree to this?) and (2) it is the most convenient way for me. Now the problem with using a razor, often times, I can't achieve the feeling of smooth skin (because there's always a little bit of hair left sticking out). I do believe I'm doing it the right way. Now when I saw this campaign (which is my 3rd campaign as a BzzAgent) I accepted it without hesitation because I saw the way it looks (which is very girly and pink) and I love it! :) I am excited to try it and am excited for the results. I will update you on this once I receive my sample. :)

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