Saturday, January 11, 2014

Trying out the new Starbucks Via Vanilla Latte Instant Coffee for $1

I've always been a Starbucks fan ever since I was in highschool. My friends and I would often go to Starbucks after watching movies for Frappuccinos and to just hangout. When I was in 4th year college, I had my medical technology internship and this would mean 16-hour laboratory duties so I gradually transitioned from Frappuccinos to Lattes. Starbucks became my bestfriend to help me stay awake and alert. When we came here to the U.S., I was excited because Starbucks here offered the Toffee Nut syrup all year round while in the Philippines, it's a holiday drink and is only available during the Christmas season.

I also got excited because here, there's a program called Starbuck's Rewards where I earn stars and in just a short time, I got the gold status and the gold card.

Recently, I went to Starbucks and found this Starbucks Via Vanilla Latte on display. I asked the barista if this was an instant coffee and said yes. I only need hot water and voila. It's ready. I also found it cheap and affordable for a dollar (according to her, the 4-pack would cost about $6+). I immediately bought one to try.

There's a short instruction at the back. There are no words just pictures but it's easy to understand. Just put it in a cup and add 8 oz. of hot water.

There's also a coupon at the back for a $1 off Starbucks Via Lattee (4-pack or larger)

I immediately smelled the aroma of the latte and it smelled nice.

In less than a minute, it was ready! :) I was so excited to try it that I burned my tongue. LOL. So I think this tasted great. Not the same as the latte they sell in store but better than other instant coffee brands I've tried. For me, it is too sweet for just 8 oz. of water so I added a little bit more to suit my taste. For a $1, this is a great deal. I would definitely pick up more. Plus, there is also a Mocha flavor available but I'm not into mocha lattes much so I only bought this one.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? :)


  1. I have tried the Via Vanilla Latte and I am not really impressed by the product. The drink the instant packs make do not taste anything like a vanilla latte. Additionally, the powder does not dissolve entirely and I always end up with undissolved powder in the bottom of my cup. I have not found a way to get all of the powder to dissolve in water even after I have boiled the water on the stove. I also add whip cream to the top of my vanilla latte that does make the drink taste more like a latte. Have you also encountered the problem of the powder not dissolving completely and what have you done to remedy this problem?

    1. Yes the Starbucks lattes in-store are much better than the instant one but it is handy when I get a coffee craving but too lazy to go out and buy a latte in-store. No I didn't encounter that problem at all. I heat my water in the microwave for a minute and that's it. Maybe adding a little bit more water would solve the problem? I use more than 8 oz. of water because it's too sweet for me if I only use 8 oz. of water. :)