Wednesday, January 22, 2014

4 New Songs By UK Artists Worth Listening To

I have always been a music lover. I've listened to A LOT of songs since I was in elementary school and have had my favorite artists as well.  Listening to music makes me concentrate more while studying. I always have music on when I study (when I was younger) and when I write on my blog (that's what I'm doing now. :))

I like hearing new songs and discovering new artists to listen to as well.

If you're looking for new songs or artists to listen to, then you've come to the right place. or post. or blog. Oh just read on because I've discovered 4 artists which are worth listening to. :)

McCrei - More Than Good Friends

McCrei is a sister duo from UK formed in the second half of 2012. Shannon and Leanne McCree were solo artists before they decided to team up together. The songs they write are from their own experiences and observations on life.

The opening melody and the voice made me interested to listen to the song. It was so powerful and strong that it gave me the chills. :) The title itself depicts a friendship that should've been more than friends.  I like the song and I hope to hear more songs from McCrei.

Hear their song More Than Good Friends for yourself here and tell me what you think.

You can learn more about McCrei by visiting their website at and for all other booking and general inquiries you can visit

Ollie Banks - Back To You

Ollie Banks is a 21 year-old singer/song writer. She has been singing since she was 9 years old and was trained in classical music until Grade 8 but knew that classical music wasn't her genre. At 17, she finally knew what kind of music she wanted to make - pop.

I love the upbeat and catchy melody of the song. The song Back To You somehow reminded me of Carly Rae Jepsen's - Call Me Maybe. They I think this song would be a great hit because the beat and melody fits perfectly for teenagers and young adults.

You can learn more about Ollie Banks by visiting her website at and for all other booking and general inquiries you can email or visit

London Roots - Seeds of Change

 London Roots aka Mr. Rootsy was a Live UK Nominee for Best Breakthrough Artist in 2013. He is the no. 1 downloaded urban artist for Twitmusic and number 1 in their Rap Charts.

Seeds of Change is a rap song with a melodic chorus. The lyrics of the song is very inspirational. For me, the song is about how your actions and decisions might affect other people's life.

You can learn about Mr. Rootsy's regular venue updates here

You can hear Mr. Rootsy's songs here, you can also watch youtube music videos here

You may also visit the website  for booking and all general inquiries.

Kaleidophone - What You're Made Of

Kaleidophone is a band composed of 4 lads from South East of England. They write and perform upbeat indie/pop music, mixing disco drum beats, spiky guitars and deep, fuzzy base sounds and music. They were also dubbed by BBC Radio as the new Vampire weekend. Here are the band members:

Mark (Coxon) Wells - Lead Vocals & Guitar
Al (Hairyman) Holland - Vocals & Guitar
James (Baby-Face) Holland - Bass Guitar
Mark (Drummerboy) Thompson - Drums

What You're Made of is a rock/techno/pop song combined together. The song starts with a nice guitar/drums instrumental. The voice of the lead vocal is very deep and rich. The song is very catchy too. It really stuck to my head and I kept singing the "We Know What You're Made Of" part of the song the whole day. :)

You can learn more about them here

On February 28, they will be supporting 90's Legends Space when embark on their UK wide tour.

For booking and enquiries, you can contact or visit the site

Did you listen to their songs? What do you think? :)

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