Friday, January 3, 2014

Both my daughters have double cowlicks/hair whorls!

I think I haven't told you yet but we're originally from the Philippines. In our country, there is a belief that when your child has 2 hair whorls or cowlicks, they will give you a headache when they're growing up. Guess what? My 2 daughters both have 2 hair whorls!

The first picture would be my 5 year old daughter and the 2nd picture would be my 2 1/2 year old daughter. As you can see, both of them have 2 hair whorls each.

Their hair whorls are a bit different. My 5 year old daughter's hair whorls both go in a clockwise direction while my 2 year old daughter's hair whorls go in a clockwise (left) and counter-clockwise (right) direction.

I'm not sure if having 2 hair whorls are genetic but me and my hubby only have 1 hair whorl each so I guess it isn't. :)

Both my daughters aren't the ones to just sit and behave when I tell them to. They have their own minds and they blurt out EVERYTHING on their minds even in public. They are the ones who run around most of the time and the only time they'll be quiet would be when they're sleeping. My mom told me that my 2 girls are VERY different than me and my sister when we were growing up. I agree with her since I remember being a quiet and shy girl when I was younger and I would just sit on a chair and read books. 

I sometimes question myself why my daughters aren't behaving like little girls should behave. Maybe the times have changed and kids these days are likely to do whatever they like to do. Or maybe because they have 2 hair whorls?! LOL. :) Well, even if my daughters are not demure, quiet and shy girls, I still love them and I am thankful to have two beautiful, bright and smart girls. :) They have their own personalities so I love them no matter what.

So is the belief in our country true that having a child with 2 hair whorls will give you a headache when they're growing up?

My answer would be: It might be true. I may never prove this but both my daughters definitely do what they like to do and they're not the traditional quiet little girls that my sister and I used to be.

Does your child/ren have more than 1 hair whorl too? What do you think of our belief? :)


  1. My cousin also has double symmetric whorls. in my country is considered just a peculiar physical characreristic.

  2. my son, believe it or not, have 4 hair whorls.