Friday, August 7, 2015

XSBOOM Super Tiny Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

I like to use a blue tooth speaker at home and specially when we're out on a trip, like pier fishing, because it's easier to use and I don't have to deal with plugs and cords. I've tried several blue tooth speakers already and none of them can beat the size of the XSBoom Speaker I recently received.
The XSBoom Bluetooth Wireless Speaker comes in 4 colors and I was sent the blue one to try. I was amazed because this bluetooth speaker measures just 1.9" x 1.7", which is about the same size as a large egg. YES! It's that small!
There is a single button under the speaker which is used to turn the speaker on as well as turn it off. As soon as I turned it on, my smartphone automatically found it and I easily paired it with no codes needed.
The XSBoom Bluetooth Wireless Speaker came with a USB to 3.5 mm jack which is used to charge the speaker and a 3.5 mm jack which is used to connect this to a non-blue tooth device. This also came with a carrying pouch which is nice.
I love how small, portable and light this blue tooth speaker is and yet, at the same time, the sound quality is very clear. The volume is controlled and dependent on the device but this speaker magnifies the volume to up to twice the original sound from my phone's speaker alone.

Charging time is approximately just over an hour and ever since I charged this about a week ago, I still haven't charged it ever since. I've been using this for an hour everyday and I am amazed that it still has battery charge available.

Once I've paired it to my phone, it automatically connects to my phone if my phone's blue tooth is turned on. It's very user friendly and I like how this tiny speaker delivers crystal clear, high quality sound. I didn't hear any distortion or crackling sound while using this but the range is shorter compared to my other bluetooth speaker.

You can learn more about the XSBOOM Blue Tooth Wireless Speaker HERE.

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