Monday, August 24, 2015

Kitchen Classique Set of 3 Garment Bags With Shoe Bag Review

When I bring formal clothes on the go, I place them in a garment bag so that they'll be protected from dirt and prevent them from getting wrinkled. Aside from that, I store some of our formal clothes inside garment bags when I hang them so that they'll stay wrinkle-free.

When I received the Kitchen Classique set of 3 garment bags, I looked forward to trying it on some of our formal clothes.
The Kitchen Classique garment bags arrived in a plastic packaging. Each bag measures 40x23.5 inches and has a black color. The zipper is located on the center of the garment bag and glides smoothly so it's easy to open and close the bag.
There is a clear plastic window on one side of the garment bag and this is helpful so that I can see what's inside the garment bag. I wouldn't have to open the bag or guess which clothes are inside the bag.
The top has an opening for the hook of the hanger. Aside from that, this set of 3 garment bags came with a free black drawstring bag for shoes which measures 16 x 12.5 inches.

These garment bags are perfect for formal wear like suits and evening dresses but this is also perfect for long sleeved shirts or polo shirts. I also like how these bags are breathable since I don't have to worry about stored clothes smelling musty in the future.

The Kitchen Classique garment bag is great to use to store our formal wear clothes. It keeps clothes clean and wrinkle-free so it's perfect to use when I bring them on the go as well.

You can purchase the Kitchen Classique Set of 3 Garment Bags with shoe bag HERE.

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