Friday, August 7, 2015

Join The Dial Rewards Program And Earn Points For Sweepstakes And IWG!

One of the things I love when I'm buying products from brands is the rewards program. I don't know why but I like earning points and getting free stuff and/or entering sweepstakes and IWG with my points. Who wouldn't like that, right?! For me, as long as the product is something I use, has a reliable quality and of course the price is right, then I'd stick with something with a rewards program.

I've been buying and using Dial products and I was so excited that they now have a new Dial Rewards Program. I signed in and was very excited because I was given the chance to earn points by watching videos, answering surveys, signing in daily, and a lot more. The points can be used towards entering sweepstakes or IWG (instant win games) and although I haven't won yet, I am hoping to snag a prize in the future. I hope this rewards program from Dial continues on and in the future, I hope they offer points to be used towards actual gift cards. :)

DISCLAIMER: I am a Purex Insider and I am entered into a separate prize drawing for sharing the Purex: Start Summer Early and Win a Family vacation Sweepstakes. No other form of compensation was received.

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