Tuesday, August 18, 2015

12 Color Glitter Tattoo Set From Custom Body Art Review

 When I received the Custom Body Art Glitter Tattoo Set, I was super excited to show it to my daughters. They love applying temporary tattoos which are cute and girly. Here is a short product description from the company:

- 12-Colors of Glitter Tattoo Shimmer in Large 10ml Glitter Pots: Brilliant Silver, Fire Red, Sapphire Blue, Vegas Gold, Purple, Violet, Mystic Pink, Sky Blue, Fuschia, Lime Green, Orange Sparkle, Black Sparkle

 - 30-each Uniquely Themed Glitter Tattoo Stencil Designs

 - 1-Large Cosmetic Glitter Applicator Brush and 1-Small Cosmetic Glitter Applicator Brush

 - 2-each 7ml Bottles of Glitter Tattoo Body Glue with Applicator Brush

 - Our Glitter Tattoo's are Non-Toxic, FDA Compliant and safe for use on skin. The waterproof glitter tattoos will last from 3 to 7 days under normal conditions.

This set contains 12 different colored glitters. The glitters have a vibrant color and have a super fine texture.
Each glitter is in a hard plastic container. It has a second plastic film inside the container which is nice because it helps keep the glitters inside.

There is a smaller brush used for dusting the glitters and a bigger brush to remove the excess glitters on the skin. There are also 2 tubes of clear glue with an applicator.
I love the variety of glitter colors because my daughters were able to choose which color they wanted. I also like that I can personalize the look of the tattoo and mix and match different colored glitters.

There is a short instruction paper included which is very easy to follow. Here are the steps I did:

First, I applied the stencil my daughter chose on her skin. The stencil has an adhesive at the back but doesn't hurt when pulled off from the skin.

Before applying the glue, I like to open the glitters first because the glue dries quickly.

Next, I brushed on a thin film of glue on the stencil (where the pattern is). For me, I removed the stencil first before applying the glitter so that I can reuse the stencil for a few more times. Leaving the stencil on while applying the glitter would get glitters on the adhesive side of the stencil so I prefer removing it first.

Then, I use the small brush to dust glitters on the spot where I applied the glue. Just a note, the glue is clear so it's better to remember the approximate location of the clear glue. :)

Then, I used the big brush to remove the excess glitter around the tattoo. Then, voila! It's done.

I like that these includes 30 different stencils which can be reused. The glitters have a fine texture which makes it flat on the skin. It didn't irritate my daughters' skin which is great. This is a fun activity and perfect for parties or if my daughters wanted to do something fun at home.

You can purchase the 12 Color Glitter Tattoo Set from Custom Body Art HERE.

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