Saturday, June 27, 2015

Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Drum And Piano Set Review

My daughters have lots of toys at home but this is the first time they had a drum set. They had musical toys but never a drum set. They were super excited when they saw the Drum Band box and asked me if they can play with it.
The Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Drum and Piano set arrived in a box which is colorful and cute.The only thing I wasn't too much excited about the box was the sentence: "children sure will fondle admiringly". Did you see anything wrong with the sentence? Now, I'm not that much particular with wordings but since this is a children's toy, they should've used a term more appropriate for kids.
Here is a quick product description from the company:

Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Children's Musical Instrument Toy Drum & Keyboard Play Set
7 Key Piano w/ 4 Small Tom-Toms, 2 Cymbals, 2 Drumsticks, and Bass Drum w/ Foot Pedal
Flashing Lights! On/Off Switch, Animal Sounds Buttons: Horse, Cow, Bird
Drum Rhythm Mode: Play Pre-Programmed Drum Rhythms, DJ Mixer: Functions as a DJ Mixer
Easy to Assemble! Approx. Assembled Dimensions: 10" Long x 26" Wide x 24" Tall, Stool Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 7.5", Requires 3 AA Batteries to run (not included)

There are images on the side of the box of what items should be found inside the box which is nice.
When assembled, the drum set measures approximately 24 inches tall, 26 inches wide and 10 inches long. The plastic stool measures approximately 8" x 8" x 7.5" when assembled.
The piano works on 3 x AA batteries which is not included in the box. The battery cover has the standard clip cover and an additional safety screw which is nice so that younger kids wouldn't accidentally open the cover.

I love that the piano has an on/off switch because toys with no on/off switch becomes a bit irritating in the long run. Yes most toys these days has an automatic shut off function already but once they're moved a bit, they turn on automatically. The piano also stops playing automatically after a period of inactivity which is nice. The sound level of the piano only has 1 setting which isn't too loud. Again, for me, that's a plus because toys which are too loud can be irritating in the long run as well.

The piano has different sound rhythm options as well as buttons for different animal sounds which includes a horse, cow and a bird. There are 3 different colored lights on the upper part of the piano which lights up and is cute.
The stool is just the right size for my 4 year old daughter but a bit small for my 6 year old daughter. However, that doesn't stop my 6 year old daughter from playing the Junior DJ Drum Band Set.

There are no instructions included inside the box aside from the picture instructions on the side of the box. I found that the instructions were a bit hazy and not that easy to follow, specially the installation of the cymbals. After forcing the cymbals to go through the orange sticks, I found out that I can remove the tip of the orange stick to place the cymbals on the thinner part of the orange stick and then cap it off with the tip. Aside from that, the drawing of the drum set outside served as my instruction manual.

There is a drumstick holder at the left side of the piano which is nice because the drumsticks stay right where the drum set is.

The Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Drum and Piano Set has a cute look. It is stable and keeps upright even when my daughters use it. Both of them love using the drum and piano set and have hours of fun and music. The drums can be a bit loud, specially at night, so I let them use this in the morning.

The Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Drum and Piano Set is a bit overpriced (in my opinion) in terms of the materials, feel and look of the drums but it is durable and is still in 1 piece even when my daughters use it daily. Plus, my daughters enjoy playing and making music using this drum and piano set.

You can purchase the Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Drum and Piano Set HERE.

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