Monday, June 29, 2015

Zakix 6 Pack Micro USB Cable Pack Review

We go through cable chargers pretty quickly because my daughters, who are 4 and 6, doesn't know how to take care of the cable chargers. They would pull the charger hastily even though I tell them to be careful as not to destroy the cable chargers. So, when I was offered to try the Zakix 6 Pack Micro USB Cable Pack, I was excited to try it because for me, we can never have too many micro-USB cables.
The Zakix 6-Pack Micro USB Cable arrived in a simple white resealable plastic packaging. It came in a pack of 6 which got me really excited. There were 2 lengths included in this pack:

- 3 x 3 ft. cable
- 3 x 6 ft. cable

The first thing I noticed was that the diameter of the cord of the Zakix 6-Pack Micro-USB cable is almost the diameter of the cable which came with my phone. Although this is heavier, I love that the diameter of the Zakix Cable is bigger because it looks much durable and sturdier compared to my current micro-USB charger.
The micro-USB connector is also thicker which is nice because this looks like it would endure the pulls my daughters do when removing my phone from the charger.
I also like that the Zakix 6-Pack Micro-USB cable has a matte finish because it is less prone to scruff, therefore, this wouldn't look old and worn out easily.

The 2 different lengths included in this pack makes it easy for me to choose which length is more appropriate depending on where I charge my device. I also like that this comes in a pack of 6 because it makes it more convenient for me to charge my device in different spots in our home and even have an extra for our car. I don't have to transfer cables often when I charge or transfer data since there are 6 cables included in this pack.

The Zakix 6-Pack Micro USB Cable has a high quality look and feel to it and looks durable. For $12.99 for a pack of 6, this is a great deal. This is compatible with my Huawei Ascend Mate 2, Moto G, LG Volt, HTC Desire and other gadget accessories in our home like my bluetooth speaker, bluetooth selfie stick, blue tooth headphones and rechargeable lamp and power banks.

You can purchase the Zakix 6-Pack Micro USB Cable Pack HERE.

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