Thursday, October 24, 2013

Luster Premium Distinctly White Dual-Action Whitening System Review #GotItFree

As a member of BzzAgent, I was invited to another campaign for the Luster Premium Distinctly White Dual-Action Whitening System. It claims that it whitens in just 2 days. So did it work for me?

This is my starting shade. I took this photo to compare it with my final shade and you'll see the picture below later. :)
Here is a zoomed version of my photo above and this is my starting shade.

I've always had yellowish teeth since I was a teen and to add to it, I drink coffee about 3x a week. I was very excited to learn that I am on a campaign for the Luster Premium White BzzCampaign.

I opened the box and it has only 2 products inside that I'll have to use. The bigger bottle is the Accelerator Mouth Rinse and the smaller tube is the Super Whitener Gel (I forgot to take a picture of the products inside but please refer to the box picture on top. :)) I read the instructions and it is very easy to use. Here is a step by step instruction of what I did according to the instructions:

1. Rinse mouth with the Accelerator Mouth Rinse for 10 seconds.
2. Shake Super Whitener Gel Tube for 3 to 5 seconds and then squeeze tube and apply it to the 6 upper teeth and 6 lower teeth (the teeth that shows when smiling). Do not let it touch the lips or gums for 30 seconds and after that you can close your mouth and leave the gel on teeth for 10 minutes.

You can repeat the steps twice in the morning and rwice in the evening for 3 days (total of 12 sessions). If you are short on time, you can do it once in the morning or once in the evening for 6 days.

Here are my thoughts on the Luster Premium Distinctly White Dual-Action Whitening System:

First, I like the taste of the Accelerator Mouth Rinse. It is minty and it's color blue. It says to use about 1 tbsp. of the Mouth Rinse or the right amount for me to swish and cover the front teeth. I made the cover of the Accelerator Mouth Rinse as my guide and 1 full cover cap is enough for me.

Next is the Super Whitener Gel. First time I used it, I started with my upper teeth. I noticed that when I got to my bottom teeth, I needed cotton to absorb my saliva already. The taste of the Super Whitener Gel is bitter (I didn't intentionally swallowed the gel but when I closed my mouth after 30 seconds, I swallowed excess saliva and the taste of the gel was still there). So my tip is to first apply the Super Whitener Gel on the bottom teeth because that's where the saliva pools and then apply the Gel on the upper teeth last. :)

I also like that it didn't cause any tooth sensitivity. I have sensitive teeth so this is a plus for me. There were also no other side effects for me.

What I did was 2 sessions in the morning and 2 sessions in the evening for 2 days and this is the result after the second day.

I noticed that my teeth did become lighter but not that white (as in the bond paper white like other people have). I am not aiming for the bond paper-white teeth but for a lighter shade. Here is a zoomed picture of my teeth.

After just 2 days of using the Luster Premium Distinctly White Dual-Action Whitening System, I can definitely say that it is effective enough for an in-home whitening system. :) I like it because it is very easy to use and didn't cause any problems for me. :)

DISCLOSURE: I am a member of BzzAgent and was sent a full size sample of the Luster Premium Distinctly White Dual-Action Whitening System to try. I wasn't obliged to make a blog post but since in my opinion the product was effective, I made a blog post about it. No other form of compensation was given.

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