Monday, September 14, 2015

Wedgnetix Magnetic Building Blocks Review

 My daughters, who are 4 and 7, love to play with their blocks. They build different types of things from their imagination and I like that it keeps their minds active and their creativity working. When I received the Wedgnetix, I was super excited to show this to them because the concept is similar to blocks, but with a different concept. Here is a short product description from the company:

WEDGNETiX were created to add even more open ended play patterns for children.  With WEDGNETiX, a child, or adult, can explore complex geometry and greater visual appreciation for 2D to 3D relationships. It sounds technical, but it is really just fun and kids don’t realize how educational it is.

The unique part about WEDGNETiX is the amazing building process it provides. With WEDGNETiX, you can create original 2D designs that include a square, a rectangle and a hexagon. This is accomplished through the WEDGNETiX design that has a magnet within each component.  Specifically, each WEDGNETiX bar has an embedded magnet on one end and a metal cap on the opposite end. This allows two WEDGNETiX bars to fully rotate around each other for a 360-degree rotation. With WEDGNETiX, you can rotate one half of a hexagon upward to reveal a 3D representation of a hexagon.

WEDGNETiX do not require instructions like other popular building block products. WEDGNETiX follow the WEDGiTS toy line in that it’s open-ended design allows kids to create freely. ImagAbility does provide design ideas for kids to progress from 2D into 3D constructions, however, there isn’t any “only one way to do things” step-by-step instruction.

 I received the 16-pc. Wedgnetix. This came with 4 pcs. of each colored plastic bar: green, yellow, blue and red. Each color has a different length. One end of each bar has a magnet and the other end has a metal cap.
 The metal cap is the side which is a bit depressed while the magnet end is the one which has a protruding metal.
Like the property of a magnet, the same end would repel each other while the opposite ends would be attracted to each other and stick together.
I love how my daughters were able to use their imagination to build 2D and 3D shapes while using the Wedgnetix magnetic building blocks. These are easy to use and I love that they're different from building blocks. The pieces can be randomly rotated to make a new design each time.

This is a fun yet simple engaging toy which is perfect to enhance imagination and creativity. It doesn't need any batteries and it provides hours of fun and building.

You can purchase the Wedgnetix Magnetic Building Blocks HERE.

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  1. (Wedgnetix Magnetic Building Blocks Review) Wow! This thing is pretty neat, I have never seen anything like it. Would give this to my one brother.