Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hip Hop Abs Workout Review

I've been loyal to Hip Hop Abs for almost 5 years now. Well not exactly 5 years of continuously doing the workout routine but more of the on and off type BUT it's the only workout DVD I own and bought because I loved it since the first time I saw my sister doing the routine. :)

I love Hip Hop Abs since I don't need to do crunches. I don't like doing crunches ever since I experienced back pain for almost 2 months about a year ago.

Weights are not mandatory but you can use it for a higher intensity workout. In my case, I've bought 2 -1 lb. weights and use it whenever Shaun T uses it. They recommend weighted gloves but I think the weights are okay as well.There is also a work-out calendar you can follow but I really don't follow this and I can still see and feel the results.

You can opt to watch the Secret to Flat Abs video where Shaun T and his group will show you the basics for the different videos like how to tilt and tuck but for me, I didn't have to use this. I skipped right to the workout videos.

Okay this will be a bit long since Hip Hop Abs have 2 levels of intensity and each level has a couple of different workouts. Okay let's get started!

For Level 1, there are 4 different workouts I do:

Fat Burning Cardio:

I do this workout if I don't want to have sore muscles and just burn calories. I don't really dance but the first time I did the Fat Burning Cardio, I didn't have a hard time following the routine. I think the intensity for this routine would be depending on the exaggeration of your moves. I can do this routine without sweating and I can do this same routine ending up sweating like a pig. This workout is about 30 minutes including the warm-up and the cool-down.

Total Body Burn:

This would be the longest workout routine among the 4 Level 1 Hip Hop Abs workout. This runs for about 42 minutes and this makes my body a little bit sore afterwards. This requires weights for about half of the time but if you don't like weights, you can follow Tanya, the girl with bangs to the right of Shaun T. She always do the modified version (for all the Hip Hop Abs workouts) and you can follow her for a lower intensity workout.

Hips, Buns and Thighs:

I personally love the Hips, Buns and Thighs because in just 25 minutes, I feel that I've effectively lost calories. I did this for 1 week straight and I've seen a difference on my tummy. I love the squats and the glute trimmer at the end of the work-out.

Ab Sculpt:

I do Ab Sculpt after doing either the Hips, Buns and Thighs or the Fat Burning Cardio. This runs for about 24 minutes and for me, I use weights to intensify my workout.  I like the Ab Sculpt since I've proven that it did flatten my bulge a bit BUT I have yet to achieve the perfect abs I've been dreaming of. :P

For Level 2, there are just 3 different workouts included. The workout included are Fat Burning Cardio 2, Ab Sculpt 2 and the Total Body Burn 2.  I've done the Level 2 Workouts before and I can say they're really difficult. It made my body sore for days specially my thighs. I prefer the Level 1 Workouts since they are effective for me as of the moment. I will update my post if I have moved to Level 2 of Hip Hop Abs.

And to summarize my long review (I should've just done this right? :)):

Who it’s good for: The Level 1 workout is good for those who are just starting to exercise. There is a modified version for each workout (follow Tanya the Asian girl to the right of Shaun T) which is easier and targeted for beginners. Once you get accustomed to the routine, then you can switch to the normal workout. :). This is also good for those with back problems since you don't need to do crunches to flatten your tummy.

Who shouldn’t use it: I think everyone can use this as long as you can follow the video. Even my almost 3 and 5 year old daughters follow Shaun T and exercise with me once in a while. :)

Time needed: The different workouts require different times so it would be somewhere between 25 minutes to an hour (if you do the Total Body Burn + Abs Sculpt together) :)

Equipment needed: None. You can opt in to use weights or weighted gloves for a higher intensity workout though.

Insider tip: I suggest following the modified version first if you have just started exercising. Have fun! The music is really fun to dance to and Shaun T is very energetic.


  1. This workout seems to have a level of exercise from the beginner to the advanced. If you are getting results I would keep using the DVD. I use free weights and gradually work up to a level of difficulty that helps me see results. The most important thing is to get moving!

  2. Hi, I am curious if you have yet moved on to Level 2? Also, when you said you did the Buns & Thighs for a week straight, did you mean that you did that same workout daily for 7 days?