Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Dino Dan "Dino Party" DVD Review

As a member of the NSider, I was given another opportunity to review the Dino Dan Dino Party DVD. My daughters were excited to watch it specially my 4 year old who loves dinosaurs.

Here is a picture of them watching the Dino Dan Dino Party. They watched it 2x and were very attentive while they watched it. My 4 year old daughter liked the second episode the best. She loved the Stegosaurus and how the spikes changes color depending on the emotions of the Stegosaurus.

I like Dino Dan personally as a mom because the show keeps my daughters entertained and at the same time, they learn about dinosaurs in a very subtle and simple way that they'll remember the name of the dinosaurs. My 2 year old also liked the show and watched it together with my 4 year old.

Here is a brief description of the DVD:

Join Dan as he tries to save his mom's garden from a sneaky Compognathus by dino-trapping it!  However, his plan goes wrong when he ends up trapping a baby T-rex instead.  Will Dan ever capture the Compsognathus before it destroys his mom's garden?  Then it's time to celebrate Dan's birthday!  Join in on the party and a dino scavenger hunt with Dan and all his friends! Dan, a paleontologist-in-training, uses the scientific method to gather clues and solve mysteries.  Dino Party is filled with five action-packed adventures full of discovery!
·         SRP: $12.99
·         Available at, Toys”R”US, and Target on 6/11/13

DISCLOSURE: I am a member of  NCircle's NSider and I was sent a copy of the Dino Dan "Dino Party" DVD to facilitate my review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are based on my honest review of the product.

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