Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My 33 month old daughter finally told me she wanted to go potty!

2 weeks ago, my 33 month old daughter finally told me she wanted to go potty! I panicked and ran and brought her to the bathroom and helped her sit on the toilet (with her Dora potty seat) and then finally! She made "weewee" (our term for peeing :))

Just a flashback.. A few months ago, I was trying to potty-train her and I would make her sit on the toilet for about 5 minutes but wouldn't go "weewee". When I put on her diapers, she would immediately go "weewee". I didn't push her to learn how to make "weewee" on the toilet and decided to wait for a couple of months before I try again.

2 weeks ago, I was surprised because she ran to me and told me in a tiny voice "I'm making 'weewee'!". So imagine me getting her, running to the bathroom and then fumbled to get her to the potty fast! LOL. And then she looked at me and smiled and finally she did it! :) She even volunteered to flush the toilet by herself! :)

I was so happy and contented that she wanted to go potty on the toilet on her own. She doesn't want to go #2 yet and I won't force her. I'm just happy she made progress on wanting to go "weewee" on the potty. That means, less diapers!! :)

How did you potty train your child/ren and at what age did they learn to use the potty?

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