Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Got a FREE Starbucks voucher from the barista :)

I love Starbucks and I got my 9th free drink from Starbucks rewards. I decided to claim it awhile ago at a Starbucks store. This is the first time I'm using their load to card free drink so I told the barista that I checked my online starbucks account and it indicated that I have a free drink/food. He told me there would be no problem and that I can use my free drink/food. I chose a Venti Iced Caramel Brulee Coffee with whip cream on top and when he swiped my card, instead of getting my free drink, the amount was deducted from my balance. I asked him why I was charged instead of getting my free drink. He said sorry in a really nice way and handed me a voucher/coupon for a free drink (any size and any drink) the next time I visit Starbucks. I was happy I got a free coupon (this is the first time a barista handed me a coupon) but did email Starbucks awhile ago as to why I didn't get the free drink I earned. Here is a picture of my free coupon from the barista. :)

*I was not given compensation for this post. I just posted a recent experience of my own.

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