Thursday, October 22, 2015

Nerdwax Glasses Wax Review

 I have 2 glasses, my prescription glasses and my Sunglasses. I don't need it in my sunglasses because it fits perfectly well. I use this product on my prescription glasses. I love the frame that's why I still wear it even if it doesn't fit well.
The Nerdwax is a great help for making my glasses stay where they should be. If your glasses is constantly slipping down your nose and you have to keep pushing them back but you have to wear your glasses at work the whole day, then this beeswax can help. It is made of natural ingredients so I don't have to worry about it getting in contact with my skin. I have a sensitive skin and I almost always have breakouts in most cosmetics, not to mention even facial wash. I was a bit hesitant to try this product but I, too was amazed that it did not irritate my skin. I usually apply this to my glasses only once every morning after I wipe my glasses with wet cloth. But when It is really hot or humid or when I exercise and I sweat a lot, I need to wipe my glasses and re apply every now and then. Just be careful not to get it on the glasses because it is hard to get it off. And don't forget to wipe it off your nose when you remove your glasses as I always do because it is a bit shiny/oily. Great remedy for sliding eyeglasses.

You can purchase the Nerdwax HERE.

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  1. Nerd wax is not all natural, It contains a glue product that made my nose swell up to the size of a baseball, covered in dermatitis. $100.00 for the doctor appointment. Along with 10 days of prednisone. costing me $135.00, and 2 lost days of work. My daughters wedding is this week and it's still red and peeling. Because this product clearly makes contact with your skin, there should be a warning. it should also have a patch test requirement. I will contact the food and drug next to report this. It should be considered a cosmetic, and have to be approved by the FDA. Don't use this product.