Wednesday, February 6, 2013

TRIED AND TESTED! McDonald's accepts competitor's coupons :)

Today I was surprised to see a red sticker sign outside the McDonald's store near us (Rancho Cucamonga) that says "We Accept Our Competitor's Coupons on any Comparable McDonald's item". I got excited and asked the girl in the cashier if it meant I can use other food store's coupons. She said yes. Luckily, I have a coupon from Wendy's for a $1.99 any kids meal with any purchase and a coupon for a $1 frappe from Carl's Junior. I gave it to her and the manager just adjusted the price of the happy meal and the frappe. I asked if all McDonald's stores have this policy and told me that corporate McDonald's participate in this promo. Has anyone tried this promo as well? :)

UPDATE: I visited another McDonald's near us and didn't see any signs that they accept competitor's coupons. I asked if perhaps they accept competitor's coupons like the other McDonald's near us.They said yes and I was so happy. I tried to use the 2 for $4 Western Bacon coupon from Carl's Junior and they told me for that coupon, I can get the Angus Bacon and Cheese for 2 for $4. I was so happy because the price of the Angus Bacon and Cheese was $3.99 each so it's like getting it for Buy 1 get 1 free. :) Has anyone tried this? Leave your comment and ask your McDonald's if they participate in this promotion specially the corporate ones. :) And it's better if you ask the supervisor/manager because they're the ones who can answer if they particpate or not. :)

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